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13 October 2014

I'm a great lover of TV and I especially enjoy the seasons when all the new TV shows are released. Here are 6 newly released television shows that I already enjoy.


I would describe the main character of Forever, Henry Morgan as an immortal Sherlock Holmes. This crime show follows the life of a man who when he dies, just can't stay dead. So he works as a medical examiner to both help the police and also hopefully one day unlock the secret to his own death. 
I definitely get a Castle vibe as I watch the witty banter between Henry and his work partner Detective Jo Martinez. It's a crime show with a sort of supernatural backstory.

Rating: 4/5
Watch if you Enjoy: Elementary, Castle or Bones.

The Flash

Based upon the DC Comics character, Barry Allen is a young scientist who after a freak accident in a lightning storm gets superhuman abilities, he's the fastest man alive.  A spin off of the Series Arrow, only one episode has been released so far but already shows great promise.

Rating: 4.5/5
Watch if you Enjoy: Arrow or Smallville


Set in the fictional DC Comics city, the self titled show gives us a look into the lives of the heroes & villains of Gotham long before they make their debut. Including fan favourites like Catwoman & Poison Ivy, as young children. The show focuses on Detective James Gordon who is just starting out in this new city and trying to answer the question, "Who shot the Waynes?". 
The time period is never stated but they seem to live in world with a dark 50s crime mob vibe, where mobile phones and the internet exist. It seems strange but it works.

Rating: 3/5
Watch if you Enjoy: Sleepy Hollow, Basically if you just like Batman

How to Get Away with Murder

I actually only started watching this show last night and straight away watched every episode that is currently available. Following the lives of 4 criminal law students and their charismatic professor as they defend the guilty. An enthralling show that sucks you in right from the beginning as they play you pieces of overlapping storylines. I can not wait to watch this entire series. 

Rating: 4/5
Watch if You Enjoy: Veronica Mars, Suits

The Red Band Society

I'm only one episode into this show but I already know that it will be heart wrenchingly addictive. Following various tweens and their time in hospital, as if this show isn't going to be a tearjerker.
This show looks quite promising, also including teenage characters played by real teenagers?? The horror. 

Rating: 3/5
Watch if you Enjoy: Glee... kind of

Halt & Catch Fire

While technically not from this collection of Fall shows, it's good enough to be worth a mention. Not gonna lie, I started watching for the deviously handsome Lee Pace in all of his glory and continued watching for the storyline and increased tension in this great period drama about the race to create the first, best, and fastest personal computer. 

Rating: 4/5
Watch if you Enjoy: Lee Pace or Period Dramas

Let me know if there's any other new release shows that you recommend me checking out I would love to hear from you! 

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Cya xx


  1. Well Sadly I aleays discover tv shows after they become popular!i watch them on netflix and now I am watching the 2nd season of modern family!

    1. Haha that's okay too! I love Modern Family! I didn't start watching it until like 2 and a half seasons were out though.


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