September Goals - Updated

5 October 2014

This September was super stressful and I worked a wonderful 25/30 days. Completely forgetting about goals, and any type of life outside of work really. Phew what a month.

1. Watch Movies: - NOT REALLY
- The Fault in Our Stars YES
- Bad Neighbours NO
- The Normal Heart NO
- The Expendables 3 YES
- Muppets Most Wanted NO

Well that was a start, I did actually watch 2 more movies that I had been meaning to, "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day" and "The Royal Tenenbaums" so I did find some movie time. 

2. Do not buy stuff from my work Cafe - DONE
The goal here was to save money by not eating at the cafe on a regular basis. I bought a cookie once and a sandwich another day, but that was all! Out of 20 days I think that is pretty good. 

3. Save $300 a week - EHH MORE LIKE FORTNIGHT
My savings percentage wasn't that fab but I was able to save $300 a fortnight. I may have been working more, but I was working more at the job that has a salary, the job where I score my extra dough was beings sorely neglected so I was working more and raking in less cash. 

4. Let Go of My iPad Games.. - DONE
I had a serious problem. Kim Kardashian game is no more, but I do occasionally play Tapped Out, but its pretty rare so hardly an issue. 

5. Survive my Excessive Work Hours - DONE UGH
I only cried once at work the entire month. Which is a miracle. Trust me if you had been there, you would have known. 

6. Find time for Myself - YESish
Time for myself usually revolves around relaxing and catching up on some TV shows, washing my hair, exfoliating with my FRANK body scrub and getting a tan. So yeah I did find time to do those things, so I'm pretty pleased. 

Jeez what a month. It was so jam packed that it went really fast. It's ridiculous. We are already 5 days into October and I need to think of some new goals! 

Cya! x

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