Betty Crocker Gingerbread Cookies

12 December 2014

In previous years when I have made gingerbread cookies, I have used my favourite recipe of Traditional Pepparkakor the Swedish Gingerbread. It makes amazingly delicious crunchy gingerbread that I just love, and I was planning on doing the same again this year, but I actually came across a box of Betty Crocker gingerbread cookie mix at Woolworths. Which must be new as I've never seen it before!

I'm a big fan of gingerbread so I decided to give this one a go, since the only ingredients you need to add are egg yolk, butter and honey. Why not? Sometimes I feel lazy! Okay, more than sometimes.

I set up my Christmas music on the iPad and began mixing.

Mix Mix to Mikey Bublé

Betty said to roll the gingerbread dough between 2 pieces of baking paper until it was about 5mm thick, and then refrigerate for 15 minutes. It makes it easier to use cookie cutters on later.

I chose the shapes of Gingy Men (not my gumdrop buttons!) and Christmas trees, they seemed the obvious choices. After filling up two baking trays with trees and little guys I put them in the oven for about 8 minutes.

Well even though I thought I rolled them flat enough, the gingerbread men are a little bit chubby now and my trees are more resemblant of arrow heads. Betty failed me, Bublé didn't fail me though, he never fails me. Now you allow them to cool before starting the decorating process!

ICING IS REALLY TOUGH GUYS. You don't get a picture of all of them iced because it was a mess.

But Tada!
The cookies turned out awesome! Soft & chewy, the right amount of gingerbready flavour. The icing that came with it goes really well with it in terms of deliciousness. An all around good cookie.

Overall if you're looking for a traditional homemade gingerbread thats a bit crunchy and peppery (and yum!) I would go for the Traditional Pepparkakor recipe. But if you're looking for a quick gingerbread in a box mix, (that doesn't suck) totally go for this! And it was only $5! Bargain.

Cya! xx

Bonus Hot Tub Gingie! x


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  1. I haven't seen that either! I will definitely be keeping my eye out next week, they look divine! x

    1. They were on a promo end with these nice red cookie trays! x

  2. They look so good! I might have to give them a go (although I've not seen them over here - we do have other Betty Crocker stuff though!)

    Lucy x

  3. These look yummy!!

  4. For a $5 package those look damn good!!
    Enjoy them girl.

  5. Cookies look really yummy, love your photos

  6. Wow they look amazing thanks for sharing this I am gonna do this with my daughter m sure my 5yr old is gonna love it.

  7. So lovely these cokies *-*
    nice photos :)
    xx Diene

  8. Aw these look so delicious, definitely going to have to give them a go! // UK Fashion Blog

  9. Lol, I love the Shrek references!

  10. Yum! I'm having a craving now. And these shots look so, so cozy :)

  11. Looks so delicious! (And I love your photos!)
    Plaid Is My Favourite Colour

  12. Looks delicious!

  13. Looks so yummy! I actually just came across you blog and I already love it!

    Kaci xo |

  14. Great photos, cookies look yummy :)

  15. They look so nice! xx

  16. Looks so tasty!


  17. I might see if we have this in the UK, I was talking about making gingerbread cookies last night :)
    These boxes seem so fab!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I've given you a follow x x x

  18. looks delish!! :)

    <3: Jasmin N |

  19. Your pictures are so lovely! And those cookies look so good!



  20. *drools* Must try... They look so yummy.

    Georgia |


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