Los Angeles Beauty Haul

4 February 2015

Okay so I'm on my second day in the US at my first stop, Los Angeles. I went to my first US Mall today! I' spent way too much on makeup, as well as a bunch of goodies from The Body Shop because they had a buy 2 get one free deal, that upgraded to buy 3 get 3 free! So I got 6 things and only paid for 3!

My Current Beauty Wishlist:
Naked2 Palette BOUGHT
Face Powder BOUGHT
Concealer BOUGHT
Cream Blush
Contour Kit
Lipstick BOUGHT

Finally bought the Naked2 palette from Sephora! Super happy and worth every penny.
Also purchased a primer and concealer from there too.
I was walking around like a complete zombie because I had never been to Sephora before.
It was just like what is this brand, what is this, where are primers? Where is anything?

After dragging Josh in circles I picked up the beloved Naked2 Palette, a sephora concealer, which Josh claimed matched my skin colour (hopefully) and a primer. Which I definitely needed.

I also picked up a MAC tinted face powder from Macy's, the lady tried a translucent one on my face and a colored one and we went with the latter. I unfortunately didn't bring my new illamasqua brushes with me for some reason, and I didn't want to spend $35 on a powder brush when I just got a lovely set, so I bought a cheap bamboo one.

The lady that served me in The Body shop was super lovely, even saying to come back and tell me how I go with everything haha. I won't be back unfortunately but anyway. I needed a new moisturiser and I hadn't packed any body wash or face wash with me either. I ended up buying 3 vitamin C skincare items. A exfoliating skin polisher for use 2x a week. A cleansing daily wash and a moisturiser with SPF in it, so added sun protection. I also got the tea tree body wash, as Josh and I both get a few red spots on our skin, like out chest and shoulders and this stuff is suppose to clear it right up! I read a review of this recently on a blog and they loved it and I commented saying yes I need this! So now I can try it out! Boom.

With the buy 3 get 3 free I had 4 already and bad to pick 2 more that were free, so obviously.
I chose a dark purpley type lipstick, I think this colour is great for winter and I've never really had a darker lipstick before. Then I also got a lip scuffer. It exfoliates your lips for you and then you apply a moisturising balm. (I have blistex)

I'm so happy with all my purchases, I can't wait to try everything out!

This post was written on my iPad with the app BlogGo.
It's my first time using it, so hopefully it's all okay. & Excuse the terrible phone photos.

Hope to write again soon! xx


  1. I LOVE Sephora, I heard they're coming to Melbourne soon and I can't wait! I have the Naked palette 1 and I basically use it everyday. I think I'll probably get the second one soon too!

  2. So many goodies! Sephora is one of my favourite shops in the world and every single time I go to the US, I end up buying at least three products there. It's ridiculous. And their Sephora brand is really good, too. Everyone has a Naked palette and now I'm feeling tempted.

  3. So many great things!! Really wish could afford the Naked palette

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  4. I've never been in a Sephora either. I'd probably be pretty lost too - I can hardly navigate a big drug store!


  5. I have that Naked palette by Urban Decay and LOVE it! You luck thing… Hope your enjoying your trip!

    Shannon xo

  6. Ohh fab purchases! Always so many things to buy in LA. Hope the trip is going well and let us know what that app is like as would be very handy! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  7. I LOVE Sephora! And I'm so tempted by the Naked palette! Hope you're having an amazing time! I also just nominated you for a versatile blogger award :)

    Lucy x

  8. I love sephora, really very nice really amazing beauty of LA and purchase all beauty things in LA

  9. Oooh really jealous of all of these! The Body Shop lipstick looks lovely - I would never have looked there for nice lipsticks really, I usually go have a look when I need skincare stuff. Will definitely be checking out their make up now though.

    Would love to see some reviews on these, will there be any?

    Beth x


    1. All the beauty products I have purchased so far have been amazing, so I definitely hope to do some reviews! xx

  10. some wonderful choices! I particularly love reading about the skincare stuff ^.^


  11. I don't know why I can't ever get used to the fact that The Body Shop is in places other than the UK! That lip scruffer seems awesome! Do love a bit of exfoliation...seem to find it really relaxing?



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