Skiing & Bears at Mammoth Lakes

25 February 2015

I'm almost at the end of my month long vacation now and I have been having a blast! I'm currently in New York City, the final destination on my list of places.

I've put together a mini post for each location I visited all on different topics.

Mammoth Lakes was where we chose to do snow sports this year as it was close to all the other places that we were visiting and looked really cool. Our ski lodge was beautiful! Plus they upgraded us from a studio to a one bedroom apartment free of charge. 

I originally was going to do a post on snow sport basics, but on the day we were going to take photos it was raining/snowing in a very wet and slushy manner so that idea went in the trash. 

We had one very good night of snowfall that made everything beautiful and absolutely covered in snow. Josh is just a beginner when it comes to snowboarding, he was only just finding his feet. But by the end of it he was falling over a lot less! 

I've been skiing quite a few times over the years and can proudly say I can go down the mountains without falling over.
In my opinion skiing is much easier than snowboarding. (I've done both).
Basically if you're nervous whilst skiing you can just pizza (point your skis together) the whole way down the slopes and you'll slowly go down the hill. An option that you don't exactly have with snowboarding. 

We saw a heck of a lot of bear statues and signs saying don't feed the Bears all around the town of Mammoth Lakes. Which is strange and amusing to us as being from Australia we don't really have any big animals. Our scariest creatures are spiders and snakes.

We questioned a local about the Bears, and if there were many around and he just chuckled. Apparently during the main bear season, spring mostly, there are just bears everywhere. Wandering through the streets, trying to get in your garbage bins and just generally doing bear activities. 

He said its so important to make sure you take all food and anything smelly like shampoo or perfume out of your car because the bear will smell it and rip your entire car door off. Which is exactly what happened to a friend of his who left some soap in the car. 

The Bears also recognised coolers or eskys and picnic baskets as sources of food so even if they're empty you have to keep them out of view.

What I found the most amusing was that, in this town with a population of 8,000, they keep their car doors unlocked. Not just because they feel safe in their tiny town, but because the Bears know how to open car doors, and that's much preferred than them tearing the door off its hinges.

I was laughing a great deal obviously this is pretty novel to us. Bears?? We have kangaroos mate. Shame we didn't get to see any but I would have freaked out! 

I had a bunch of fun in Mammoth it was a lovely small town. On our final day to kill time before our flight we went and saw the Spongebob movie! It was cute, I liked it, the seagulls in the movie were adorable.

Which reminds me, wow seagulls over here are at least triple the size of the ones over here. They look exactly the same but they are enormous!! They were everywhere in Los Angeles!

My reasonably accurate guesstimate of seagull sizes

This is probably only amusing to Australians, I assume this is regular size for Americans. Your seagulls are like big duck sized.

Anyhoo I'll sign off now.

Also I'm hoping to hit 200 Bloglovin' followers by the end of March, and then I'm going to host a giveaway!! I'm so excited. Stay tuned.

Cya! xx


  1. I would love to go skiing again sometime, I absolutely loved it the one time I went. Looks like a fantastic little place, and ski lodges in general are so cute. That's so interesting about bears being able to open car doors, I guess you learn something new everyday. Although I had to laugh at the image of a bear sat in the drivers seat.


  2. I've never been to Mammoth Lakes, but I am super surprised you found seagulls.. in the mountains and in the winter. I'm used to them in Florida and they are Australian seagull sized down there. But they are mammoth in the mountains. [stupid pun alert]
    Your ski trip looks awesome though. I've only tried snowboarding and was terrible. Apparently if you can wakeboard it does not mean you an snowboard. I think next time I hit the snow it'll be on skis. :)

    1. Haha I worded it poorly, there are no seagulls in the mountains! Los Angeles had all the giant gulls. Snowboarding is really hard! xx

  3. I've honestly never been skiing or snowboarding. (I can sled down a mean hill, though. Lol.) But I've heard it all to be true about bears and keeping no food in the cars. About them wondering the streets in the daytime, though, is another story. .

    Lol yeah. That's the size of our seagulls here. I live in the dessert. There is no water and there are still seagulls around. It's pretty weird. // US Lifestyle Blog

  4. Absolutely love this post, ive always wanted to go on a ski holiday. I've been really looking forward to reading your US blogs, I'm glad you had an amazing time! I hope your Fat Face coat was warm!

  5. Oh my gosh, amazing photos. Truly beautiful.
    Wish it snowed where I live aswell );

    Life In Pastel

  6. That bear is adorable :) Even if it would probably tear me apart if I went anywhere near it. These photos are really gorgeous by the way!

  7. Haha, I love the seagull guesstimate. (Loathe the things - living on the coast means them and pigeons are constantly swooping and I'm always looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame)

    That's interesting that they keep the doors open! I suppose a vehicle or person wouldn't really stand a chance anyway if they crossed paths with a bear :o

    Gorgeous pictures - I've never been skiing, only ice skating at the shopping centre near me...hahaha


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