My 'Go To' Winter Wear in New York City

7 March 2015

New York City was cold. Freezing in fact. The coldest weather I have ever been in, in my life. Lil ole Australia is generally more of a hotter climate, with the winter temperatures where I live, occasionally reaching maybe 10 degrees C (50F) at the lowest. In New York City I was ever so luckily subjected to -20 degrees C (-4F) which is bloody ridiculous. I wore quite a few layers. Including fleece lined tights, underneath my jeans. Then socks and shoes. I was only kind of prepared.

Here is my basic daily outfit for while I was in New York City.

You can see the rest of my gear and some accessories here.

The only issue with dressing so warm was immediately sweating whenever you walked inside of a building and were faced with all of their heating. So wearing a short sleeved shirt under the sweater helped with that. Especially as my jacket was so so warm as it is lined with down. My Dr Marten boots were perfect as well for walking through puddles and snow being waterproof leather. My feet were a lot warmer than Josh's.

(My Puffer Jacket is FatFace but it's no longer available online)


  1. Girl you are preaching to the choir. I live in Columbus which has a similar climate to NYC and it is TERRIBLE from December-March. That's why I'm moving to LA in June ;)


  2. Definitely agree with bringing Docs! I was over there in December and I ended up buying a pair

  3. love it, definitely warm and cosy but still awesome <3

  4. As a girl living in NYC, Doc Martens are a must! Especially this year since the weather has been crazy. Literally snow every two days, and recently the weather has been fluctuating between hot and cold in the span of a day so there's ice everywhere one day, then puddles the next, then snow after that, then more puddles... So thankful that it's warming up now though!

    becky ♡ star violet

  5. I love that -4 is was 54 degrees and it felt like summer in Baltimore! I love the jeans and sweater and hope you had fun in NYC!

  6. I so want to visit New York! I'm a strange one who loves cold weather so I'd be in my element haha. I love your picks, especially the parka! x

    Always, Alice x


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