Checking in on New Years Resolutions

19 June 2015

We're almost halfway through the year now and I thought it was time that I went back and had a look at the goals and resolutions I had set myself, and how I am progressing towards those goals.

1.  Come Back from my USA trip with Money:
Sooo I actually did, but not too much money. I bought a coat that was around $250 so that was a bit. Then when I returned from the US, I had to go through all this drama to get back an almost $400 deposit that I had to put down to rent bicycles. That took ages, but at least I also had that money leftover. But overall, I successfully completed this goal!

2. Book a Holiday for 2016:
This goal may end up changing to 2017, just because money is tight being newly moved out. But Josh and I have definitely spoke about booking a trip around Europe, so this will happen, but probably not this year, so not really a fail, just an adjustment. 

3. Try to Save $5,000:
I'm halfway there on this goal, and I could probably save the rest pretty easily but there is just always so much stuff to buy. Like I'm currently getting my hair colour lightened, and I want to decorate the rooms in my house properly. Everything costs money. I'm not saving for anything in particular, just saving. 

4. Buy a Bicycle / Ride more Places:
I did actually have the money to buy this bike, but then I was worried that I was going to waste my money and never even ride the bike. So I haven't bought it yet. But I really want to, hopefully when the weather is better. I'm most likely not going to be riding anywhere at the moment as it's too cold and it has been raining a lot. So perhaps at the end of Winter!

5. Be More Fun:
I'm not really sure what I even meant by this really. Or how I wanted to complete this in a measurable sense. I haven't said no to any activities, and try to actually initiate hang outs with people. So in that way I think I have started on the way for this resolution. 

6. Continue Blogging!
Yes sir! I definitely have kept this resolution in action. I've been blogging regularly, and with a schedule. Monday, Wednesday & Friday. So it looks like this will be continuing for the foreseeable future! I'm enjoying it anyway. 

Cya! xx

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  1. I cant remember my resolutions, but at least i did quit smoking haha =]

  2. You're on track then girl! I need to follow your tips for saving, I'm pretty hopeless, haha. A trip around Europe sounds fab! I'm hoping to go on holiday with my other half in September. Anywhere hot will do me fine x

    Hannah x hannatalks

  3. This post made me check my New Years' Resolution post and cringe because I don't know if I've done any of them, halfway to them actually...Hahaha, still, I think a lot of your resolutions are great! I think if you have to book a holiday for 2017, that's okay. It takes time to plan trips, especially when money is tight <3

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  4. I'm usually really bad at keeping my new years resolutions but this year I think I've accomplished most of them. There are a few that I did not stick to but I'm hoping to work on them soon. I bet your house is going to turn out amazing! :) and I think that in the end you'll feel better that you took the time to decorate your home how you wanted it and it'll give you more time to save more money for future traveling :D


    1. Crystallized Daisies
      I always forget to use the code!! haha I'm going to start making a habit out of it.

  5. This is a great idea! To ACTUALLY follow up with New Years resolutions... I had no idea people did that. Huh... Different...

    I wonder what mine were...

    US Lifestyle Blog //

  6. I'm glad you're achieving your resolutions one at a time, little by little. you're in the right path :)

    xoxo, rae

  7. You are half way there for sure :) I too need to save money, big wedding of mine coming up next year and things are so expensive! :p

    Pam xx/ Pam Scalfi♥

  8. You're on track then girl! I need to follow your tips for saving, I'm pretty hopeless, haha. A trip around Europe sounds fab! I'm hoping to go on holiday with my other half in September.

  9. I'm so jealous of you achieving your resolutions!! Congratulations! I'm also trying to save a big amount of money to go to Australia. One can dream! Hopefully one day x


  10. I never made any resolutions this year! These are great


  11. You are doing so well on these well done, keep it up :-)


  12. Your resolutions are really great, hope you can keep all of them, I'm not so good at keeping my resolutions :D
    Btw your laptop is the coolest colour ever!
    xx Ama


  13. My memory is so terrible, that I can't even remember if I made any resolutions!
    If you book a trip to Europe, then you need to make a pitstop in London. For reasons.

    A Little Twist Of…

  14. Such a nice post!! - I only have one resolution and that is being happy so thats what I am :))

  15. This was such a great reminder for me to check up on my resolutions. I think I've done pretty alright, so far! Haha, and I think you're doing great too! All the financial issues, huh, *sigh* Hoping all goes well, and yay to blogging regularly with success!

    May x • THE MAYDENbloglovin'

  16. I totally get you with the money saving thing...I know I should save for college but I can't help but buy a new swimsuit or a new pair of shoes. There's always something...
    But major kudos to you on keeping so many resolutions!!

  17. I wish I'd made some resolutions as this is a good idea to check back on them. I really should start saving money but every time I do something breaks and I have to replace it haha. Well done on achieving some of these already!

  18. Oh wow you just reminded me of how long New Year is ago already! I still haven't achieved many of my resolutions haha! xx


  19. I love the 'Be more fun' resolution, it's a great one!


  20. What a great idea! I should check in on my resolutions...


  21. I can't believe we're nearly half way through the year! Well done, sounds like you're doing pretty well with yours, I should try mine too, although I'm definitely blogging more! I have a schedule too, mine used to be patchy!

    Lucy x- Yellowicing

  22. It's so great that you're checking in on your resolutions. I wish I even remember mine!

  23. You actually seem like you did pretty well!
    My resolution for the past 5 years has been to exercise 3 times a week and I'm still struggling on that haha
    Garland Girl

  24. What a lovely post! I am on the lookout for a bike also I haven't had one in like ten years aha x

  25. So good of you to check back on them, perhaps I'll find mine and check in <3



  26. I love this! I don't set any resolutions ever really, but I enjoyed reading it. Also, if you make it to Europe, I hope you do, you can always contact me for tips & advice, if you would need it :)

    xx -n
    Naomi in Wonderland

  27. Sounds like you're doing well! Thanks for stopping by!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  28. Ah so scary that we are half way through the year! You have made me remember that I should go back to my resolutions and see where I am! Sounds like you are doing well keeping to yours though, you defo should come to Europe :)


  29. These are all great resolutions!! Happy to hear that they're working out for you! (Mine were slightly non-existent in the first place)...
    xx, Pia

  30. 'Be more fun' hehe that's something I should do! I want to take more risks and be a bit more adventurous.

    The Blissful Mind


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