Life Lately 22/7

22 July 2015

Everything can get a tad hectic occasionally. Sometimes I feel like my free time is spent so boringly, like why do I never have plans, and then suddenly I have plans in every spare and waking moment. I am either working or I am out doing something. Then once again I am exhausted and overwhelmed and all I want is some solid me time. It's all very confusing. 

Pictured above is me fitting in some quality Welsh Blacks' coffee and bagel time, before I rush off to another work shift. I'm wearing my new Ziggy Mom jeans that I scored in my amazing Universal Store Haul. I don't look impressed because Josh was literally on the phone (to his mum) the entireee time. Because of this he got no bagels. 
A cute polaroid of Kaity, Sandra & I
One of the many activities was a friend's 23rd out in the middle of nowhere at his house. I literally think my cold was triggered by the aggressive amounts of Singstar that we all played. I probably should have been taking it less seriously. What can I say, Singstar is competitive karaoke! The scores are there for a reason! 
Darling Harbour at Dusk
Josh and I ventured into Sydney as a day trip, which for your information is two hours South of where I live. We walked around the city for a bit, I visited either the only or one of the only Sephora's in Australia, for the first time. I bought a few goodies, which there will be a post on later, duh. 
Then we went to Sydney's IMAX to see the new Ant-Man. 

Even though my love for Marvel is great, I wasn't really that keen on Ant-Man, and obviously a lot of others weren't either from what I can tell from their opening weekend earnings. But I was pleasantly surprised. The movie was highly amusing with lots of action, and cutie ants. There's a scene after the credits too, of course!
Meet "Delphine" the prettiest bike ever. 
On Monday I went for a job interview, and I think it went okay?? Apart from when I answered the question "Why do you want to work here?" with a rambling combination of how cool it is. Oh well. 
The day improved tenfold when my vintage bike arrived from Reid Cycles! 

If anyone previously thought I was at least kind of cool, I can tell you to throw that out the window as I pretty much excitedly wore my helmet around the house until Josh agreed to build it "right now please!"

There will be a separate post on my pretty bike and how I plan to decorate the basket. I'm so keen to be able to ride it on my days off though. Especially to the markets that would be rad. I've ridden it once so far, around in circles nervously on the huge driveway that connects all the units I live in. I then bruised my leg on the back as I tried to get off like an idiot. Josh then proceeded to demonstrate the appropriate way to dismount a bicycle. 

Side Note:

I wanted to give a bit of a shout out to everyone who reads my blog (yes you!). It's hard to actually fathom or know who really reads my blog, I can see the view count but I can't see much else. Not to mention that basically the only people who comment, are fellow bloggers. Which is perfectly fine. 

But seriously, people that casually mention to me in person that they saw that on my blog, or they love my blog, or even a slight mention that they read it. Is such a big deal to me! You probably have noticed I respond really nonchalant to any mention of this but this is all an act, inside I am both ecstatic and there are little fireworks going off in celebration. 

I blog because I love it, but I really love when other people enjoy it too! So thank you thank you thank you! I appreciate it, like gazillions. 

Cool Things I'm Loving Right Now:

Cya! xx

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  1. Such a beautiful photos!
    I love your styling♡


  2. I completely understand; the odd cycles of ennui, crazy packed schedule and then lethargy all over again is incredibly confusing and it's driving me crazy. I'm packed to the brim right now, but I think I do prefer working myself (every spare waking moment, ha!) rather than be bored and have nothing to do.

    Your bicycle us adorable, and ah, can't wait to read more about it! I've actually been hesitant to watch the new Ant Man film just because, c'mon, the skepticism is real, but everyone's been raving on about it, so I may need to watch it soon.

    I am LOVING your mum jeans by the way; they look so good on you! Everytime I put a pair on, I just look like I'm wearing crazy oversized pants, lol. Anyway, happy hump day!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  3. I love that bike so much!! I want to own a bike like that so bad. I wish I lived somewhere near fields or something so I could ride my bike in the country or something. x

    Emma |

  4. Thw bicycle is adorable !! Love the colour :) aww I love the last thing you said. I love my blog too and is very satisfing read nice comments that people love my photos or how I write. Sometimes people write only nice post and they don't read it AT ALL :( but I'm always happy because he/she write something!

  5. That bicycle looks so cute!! I love the fact that its a mint shade - makes it so pretty ☺

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  6. I have one of the Reid vintage bikes, in dark green! I love it, I feel so elegant riding it (until I try to dismount and the bike falls over).

  7. you never know, maybe you got the job? fingers crossed!

    and I think the bike is way too cute and dont worry you are still cool :)

    Honestly, I do enjoy reading your blog, and that is why I keep coming back :D

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  8. Glad you enjoyed your time in Sydney. Since moving here I feel like I take the city for granted and need to take more time to roam about and sink in everything that it has to offer! Loving your blog so much currently - keep up the good work! x

  9. Great photos! Darling Harbour is absolutely gorgeous!

    Check out my latest post <3

  10. Oh my giddy aunt I am in love with that bike! I really need to get one in a similar style to get about a bit, seeing as where I live is just about too far for me to walk to town and the beach etc...

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  11. It's okay to have life a little hectic, and leaving you exhausted. Heck, life is that way right now. I've been so busy, I feel like I'm neglecting my blogging. It's okay to take a break. It's fine <3

    Delphine is gorgeous! I haven't rode a bike in forever! Woaaaah. I just watched Ant-Man actually! I'm surprised at how much I enjoyed it! I can't believe I found ants cute! Hahaha!

  12. Love all of these photos (esp the harbour one!). I totally get the doing nothing/doing everything exhaustion. Hang in there.
    xx, Pia

  13. How adorable is your bike Teegan! I haven't rode a bike in years so I'd be interested in seeing if I'd be able to dismount properly haha. I'd probably bruise my legs too. Love your jeans by the way, I never know where to look for a pair like that!

  14. Omg I love your bike =]

  15. loooove your outfit and your new bike looks amazing!!!!!!!! love your blog x

  16. ' I blog because I love it ' this is so true!! x btw I love your bike!!! (Giveaway Here!)

  17. Nice look! Thanks for the comment.

  18. Hi Tegan you left a lovely comment on my blog and through that I've discovered yours - and now I've already read about 6 posts - it's lovely! So just thought I'd say 'hey' I'm a reader now too :)

    Laura x | Loved By Laura


Thanks so much for commenting everyone! I read and appreciate every single one of your comments! xx