If I could redo High School...

16 October 2015

We all have things that when we think back to them, we wish we could have done things a little differently. Whether it was something minor like dressing another way or major such a decision you have made that may have affected other things. 

If I went back in time and had a do-over of high school I know there would be a few things that I would do differently.

More Effort into Schoolwork

I feel like this is an obvious one so I put it first. Even though it's not really something that bothers me anymore. School work would stress me out and I would procrastinate. I also wasn't very good at asking for help when I was falling behind. 

Have Teachers Like Me

Teachers hated me. Anyone that went to school with me who is reading this right now would be nodding along in agreement. I can't even tell you specifically what it was about me. I was chatty but I wasn't a bad kid. In one grade, my geography teacher and my science teacher used to send me out for entire lessons. One time I was laughing with a friend on my way into the class, not late or anything and I got sent out and made to sit in the corridor for the entire class.

Kids that were actually rowdy and disruptive seemed to get in trouble less than me. That being said, I was in a lot of the higher classes so I didn't have any of the really troublesome people in any of  my classes. I can think specifically of teachers that hated me the most. But I had one favourite teacher who adored me, even though I was terrible at the subject she taught. 

Ignore All Boys - ugh

I was a teenager, how much time did I waste on these idiots. Way too much. Too much time on one person, too much time on another. It may have made lunchtime interesting, but if I could go back, I would just have rejected everyone ever always. I'm rolling my eyes while I write this even. 
I met my current boyfriend Josh about 1 year out of High School and that was the greatest. 
Liking boys made me stupid, it got in the way of school work and friendships. But I guess sometimes you just can't help it. 

Be Nicer

From about Grade 7 to 10 I was a little bitch. I'm sure I don't top anyone's hitlist of being the worst, but I definitely had my moments. In a desperate attempt to fit in and be liked, I definitely joined in on some not nice things, like taunts and laughing where bullying was concerned. This is honestly the most important thing in my list that I would change. In year 11 and 12 I went and apologised to people that I had been mean to in my earlier years, and I hope they forgive me. 
I never actively bullied anyone or harassed them, but I won't deny I had joined in. 

I did a lot of stupid things without thinking. Snap reactions that need to be thought through. To people I actually liked, and then I would apologise and genuinely mean it and be ashamed of myself but no one would believe me. I pushed a boy I liked down the stairs (3 steps) while he was tying his shoelace, I threw another kids school book out of a window, I also pushed a guy up against a wall. (not in a nice way, ha). 

There are no excuses for my behaviour, but all I can say is that as an incredibly short teenage girl. I occasionally felt the need to assert my dominance. As I will not let anyone look down on me (not literally) or treat me as anything lesser just because I am small and cute. 

Care Less About What People Thought of Me

Girls and Guys. High School is a desperate attempt to be cool, fit in and be aspired to. I don't think I was ever any of those things, try as I may. If I was more like this I'm sure I would have been less likely to join in on being mean to people. I would have tried a lot less hard at stupid things that I thought would make me fit in. In fact maybe teachers would have liked me more as I would have concentrated more in class and talked less. 

Spend Less Time on People I Didn't Like

I think this goes hand in hand with caring less about what people thought of me. Because there were some crap people, who are no longer in my life, but I spent way too much time either wanting them to like me or trying to hang around them, and they were just terrible people. What on earth was I thinking. Honestly. 

Well What Are you Gonna Do,

I've been out of high school for about 5 years now I think?? And hey I like who and where I am right now and even though there would have been things I would have changed in high school. It has led me to where I am, and I'm so happy here! I realised all these things eventually and put them into action in the real world, outside of high school. So that's all that matters. High School was a learning experience.

Is there anything you would change if you had a high school do-over? If you're still in school, is there anything here that you think you can relate to? 

Cya! xx

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  1. What a great post, Tegan. I definitely would've done a few things differently back in high school, but honestly, a lot of them are polar opposites of yours.

    Like not not ignoring boys. My boy experience did not start till the last year of high school, and the three other years I spent in high school were with.......books. (Nothing wrong, but it would've been interesting to garner some perception of high school romance, innit?) I also think I was too nice in High School and as such, I got used a lot by people. Blegh. I think it's wonderful that you've written a post to self-reflect. High school was definitely a learning experience!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  2. Haha I would do so much differently. But I guess that's the point of high school, if you woudn't do anything different it means you haven't changed since then right? And no one wants to peak in high school!

  3. Definitely agree!! I'd have stressed less about exams etc if I knew how little they would have affected my future..

    Charlotte / Styleaked

  4. I had lots of struggles with my image in school and had various eating problems. I wish I had realised that it was okay to be taller than my friends and to develop faster and that I was perfect just as I was. I wish I had been as unique as I secretly wanted to me and given less shits about people. I was recommended for the netball team in year 7 but when I got there the other girls on the team called me 'selfish' for even trying to join so I just turned and left. I wished I had joined anyway and made them deal with it.

    Also wished I had studied more. I mean, I was a pretty decent student, but I probably could have applied myself more.


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