Life Lately 7/10

6 October 2015

My last life lately post was on the 9th of September! Almost an entire month ago! So I'm sure there's a lot to fill you in on what's been happening. But I'll skip to the good stuff.

I feel like I missed a huge chunk of September as I worked 13 days in a row at one point. Phew. That's also why my blogging schedule has been a bit "higgledy piggledy", or all over the place if you will! 

It's only the first week of the second month of Spring, and the weather has been a scorcher! 4 days in a row of 30+ degrees of heat. (That's 86+ F) Which is incredibly tough when I'm at my hardware store job. Whilst my lovely fashion boutique has two air conditioners. Bliss. 

I've only been to the beach twice so far, but seeing as I live really close. I would love to go more often now! I just need Josh to get a bicycle so that we can ride together. 
My Beloved Sunflower Swimmies
My new iPhone 6s in Rose Gold arrived. It is beautiful, and I also bought an amazing white marble case for it. I will cover all of that in an upcoming blog post. 

The first Impossible Markets at The Edwards were held, and Josh and I walked down to see it. As it's a new markets that is held at night inside of a large restaurant. I was kind of disappointed as it was very small and there were not many stalls as the space isn't that large. But the stalls that were there were really nice. Including some of my favs, Hush Rumble and High Swan Dive

I've been working more and more at this gorgeous fashion boutique right near my house. My Mum and Nan came up to surprise me recently and we all went and grabbed some lunch together at 3 Monkeys. I had a Nutella Latte and tomato pesto bruschetta and they were both amazing. 

I had my first dinner with the staff from my new job and we all went out for Thai food. Luckily I live super close so I could walk there and home. Chicken Pad Thai is what dreams are made of!

After my 13 days in a row of work, I had two consecutive days off. One of which I basically spent cleaning the entire day. I live tweeted it to keep things interesting. Wasn't really boring though as I had the music pumping, the todo lists in front of me and I just got it all done in no time!

On October 1st we went to see Childish Gambino, and if you have briefly heard about what happened at that gig. Well yes. This article here is what actually happened. People did boo, but from what I could tell they were booing because they wanted him to actually do more. I didn't boo though, not my kinda thing. 

At least I got to dress up and wear a cute outfit. As well as devour a 10 piece nugget meal afterwards. The downside was I returned home at 1am. The I had to wake up for work at around 5.30am. Darn it.
Outfit for Childish Gambino (left) | Outfit for Queens Wharf Hotel (right)
The next day I had to work 7am - 2pm at the hardware store, on a poor amount of sleep. Then there was an invite only Reopening Party for Queens Wharf Hotel. All of us the workplace, Scout & Abicus were invited to. Unfortunately as all the drinks were free and having only had cookies for lunch that day. I got way too incredibly drunk and went home at around 11.30pm. Oops. 

On Sunday Night, Josh and I went and got Grill'd for dinner and then out to see 'The Martian' at the local cinema. Which i'm totally writing a review for after this, so keep a look out for it. 

Bloggers United AU decided to do a Halloween Blog Swap, where we completed a survey and then they paired us up with another cool blogger in Australia. The you put together a little Haul box for them at the max price of $30. I got the ever so lovely Rosie Rockets from "A Red Lip and a Nude Shoe" who lives in Melbourne. I can't wait to go shopping this weekend and put the box together! 
Yesterday at the hardware store, when I was scanning a trolley for of stuff for a customer, a large box fell off and cut my face! Yeah not too sure how to be overly polite when that happens. Not impressed buddy.  Paper cut to the face. 

Anyway this post has been pretty long! 

If I write them fortnightly like I'm suppose to then they're a lot more succinct. So I'll try and stick to that routine again. I just had a bunch of vegetarian nachos and now I'm ready for a nap. 

Cya! xx

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  1. I love your bathing suit. I can't believe you have that weather in Spring! It's just turned Autumn and I'm sooo cold! It's going to be a long winter I think. The bike you want Josh to get is so cute, I want something similar to that. I can't believe you worked 13 days in a row.. I'd be passed out right now!

  2. I haven't been able to take advantage of this beach weather yet! Ouch, sucks about the box cutting your face, I would've sworn so much...

  3. Oh no, I hope the cut isn't too bad? I've been extremely busy with work these days too, but gah, we can do it! Loving both the outfits you put together; that rose top is gorgeous! Have a lovely October, Tegan!

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

    1. Also, can I please just say that your titular picture has made me want to wolf down a plate of peanut butter on toast. And it's 8 in the evening.

    2. Same! And I just went and made some! aha

  4. wanna see the iphone case, I want the rose gold one too but its sold out everywhere! lol

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  5. I absolutely love your outfits! I just stumbled across your blog today. Love it.

  6. Oh I definitely need to get a new phone soon. I think I will probably stick to the 6, since the 6s coming out might have made it cheaper. And oohh I just read the article you linked for the Childish Gambino concert. That definitely sucks, I hope it was somewhat alright though!

    Peace & Love // Celestralite

  7. I'm so jealous of your aussie heat!! We're getting prepped for the cold winter in England, booo! :( xx

  8. Oh you got the iPhone 6s?! That's incredible! Wooooaaaahhh! I had no idea people booed at Childish Gambino, I love Childish Gambino....I hope it wasn't a bad performance...

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'

  9. Amazing post dear! I love it:=

  10. Your photos are always so stunning!
    I can't believe people booed at childish gambino - that's insane!
    Garland Girl

  11. Ouch, that sounds painful! Paper cuts are the worst. Hasn't the weather been so great lately? I'm not even much of a beach person but now I'm really in the mood to go :)

  12. I am so glad the heat is finally leaving I am not a fan of the hot haha. You look so adorable, I love the pants :)


  13. LOVE that outfit on the left and your cute swimwear. Pad Thai sounds like the best way to celebrate with your new teammates! Kinda craving that now.

  14. The bikini looks super cute and um, for some reason I thought Melbourne didn't have any beaches nearby, please don't ask me why I was thinking that, but I guess Melbourne is still no.2 on the list in case Sydney and I don't get along haha!

    ALSO, thai food is indeed what dreams are made off

    N- Naomi in Wonderland

  15. Ah, I heard about that Gambino gig - apparently every other venue promoted the gig as a DJ set except for the Cambridge who promoted it as a proper gig so there was obviously a miscommunication somewhere. Such a shame for everyone who paid to go and see him and had different expectations of the night though. Also that Lazy Oaf Casper line is AMAZING!

    jessica -

  16. I love your outfits!! And a nutella latte sounds amazing?! The new job sounds so lovely too and I'm glad you're having a great time there :) can't wait for the next life lately!

    Hazel xx

  17. I know the heat struggle you're facing, except here in California it's October and we're facing the same temperatures. As a lover of fall, I'm very disappointed :( Love the post, and love your outfits!

  18. Your photos are always so stunning! I love your style!
    If you follow my blog,, I follow your blog too, write about it!

  19. While you're dealing with the hot weather, I'm anticipating a cold, snowy winter and slippery sidewalks- oh the joy. But I'm loving the outfits you picked, especially the cropped striped tee. Also loving that sunflower bathing suit bottom.

  20. Oh my goodness I am obsessed with those outfits ❤️ I wish I could pull of those looks!
    Bee |

  21. Just found your blog! Love the design (and the writing).
    Love, love, love the outfits. I adore the summer, bring on the heat and the swimming (Now I've just got to work on getting rid of my winter fat :P )



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