The Hateful Eight at Event Cinemas Gold Class

3 February 2016

The Hateful Eight - Gold Class Kotara

I've been to a fair few Gold Class movie sessions in my life. They're expensive and luxurious. A bit of a treat. Definitely not something you'd do all the time. Unless you're well off and that's just your thing. I've found that each different cinema does Gold Class a little differently. For a long time the closest Gold Class cinema was in Sydney, and I had gone once or twice with my family while we were down there. 

Finally Reading Cinemas Charlestown opened and with it a Gold Class cinema. But in all my trials and travels, I'd found that no one really did Gold Class like Event Cinemas did. 
So when Westfield Kotara unveiled their new cinemas as part of their new Rooftop Dining venture, I was keen to try it out. 

Unfortunately this review starts with me, using the movie giftcard I got for Christmas and accidentally booking our seats for the Thursday and not the Friday. Which I didn't realise until we were about to get in the car and leave. 

Long story short, they wouldn't transfer the tickets from Thursday to Friday. I had to fork out $83 for new tickets. But was able to contact the help desk on their website, and now I have two Gold Class ticket vouchers. Which are apparently only valid in cinemas that are in Sydney? But I may have to check as Kotara's cinema is so new it may not be on the voucher. 

Entering the Gold Class area is like stepping into a luxe hotel lobby bar. There's lounges and comfy chairs all around the room, circling the large bar in the center of the room. When we walk in we go to a podium at the entrance and receive our tickets, that we've purchased online. (the second lot. *grumble*) The hostess is lovely and friendly and gives us some menus, telling us to take a seat and choose what we would like to be brought during the film. Whatever we pick can be brought out at three separate times. At the beginning, an hour in, or half an hour before the end.

When we are ready we can go up and order at the bar. Since the movie isn't on until 8.50pm, we had dinner early and decided to only have a light snack as part of our Gold Class Experience. 
We picked the "Fries Three Ways" which is Fries, Beer Battered Onion Rings & Sweet Potato Wedges to share, and a "Malteser Frappiato" each. They come with a shot of coffee, which was sure to keep us awake until the end of the film at midnight! We also ordered 2 glasses of water to come out and hour into the film. (Which they totally forgot about! Even though they were free, still suppose to bring them).

In a Gold Class cinema room there are only about 50 seats. All in pairs, with a little table to yourself. Each chair is comfortably large, made out of leather, and reclines as well as putting up a footrest with the press of a button. You can also change the angle it has reclined for the ultimate comfort.
Being Josh's first time in a proper Gold Class cinema he was very impressed, and comfy. 

The opening credits started, which is quite a few minutes of watching a horse drawn carriage in the snow. Then our food arrived. We scarfed down the chips quite speedily, they were delicious! My favourite were the onion rings, something that is not very common around here. There were also three different sauces. The Malteser Frappiato was super delicious. A+ for the food right here.

It was very dark so photo quality is poor. 
I'm never one for spoilers, and this post is running quite long so I'll cut it short. I really liked "The Hateful Eight". I have liked all of the Quentin Tarantino films I have seen so far, and I hope to see more. A lot of the themes are the same as in his other films. As well as the over the top blood and violence that he is known for. Though this doesn't start until a good hour and a half into the film. 

The first half is very slow, and full of a lot of dialogue and not much else, but it's still enjoyable and not boring. You're just listening along, watching them and trying to figure out where this story is going. A lot of good favourites in the cast, everyone played their parts well. I also found that I had no idea what was going to happen, which is good. Because nowadays it's often easy to guess the outcome of a film. 

The Hateful Eight - 4/5

After drinking my large Frappiato, I definitely needed to pee, and the movie is quite long! There is an awesome phone app that I've had for ages. Which I mostly just use to tell me if there is a scene at the end of the credits. Why wait, if there's not! The app is called Run Pee and it's main feature is telling you the perfect time to quickly run to the toilet. Where you won't miss anything interesting or integral, and it also tells you what you have missed while you were gone. Highly recommend. Even just for after credits scenes. 

The Hateful Eight was a rad film, and worth seeing if you enjoy Tarantino's other films. 

If you're from the Newcastle area and are wanting to go to a Gold Class session, I can highly recommend Event Cinemas Kotara. It is definitely better than Reading Cinemas, in not only menu choice but overall experience. 

Have you ever been to Gold Class? What did you think?

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  1. This movie was on my to-do list!!! I seriously have to get that pee app...I'm terrible at that! Especially with LONG movies!! lol. I've never been to this type of theater where you have awesome food options beside candy! Very cool! =)

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  2. ive never been to a fancy cinema like this one, sounds like a great experience!:D
    loving the look of those frappiatos! yum!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. I am so excited to see this movie, I'm glad you gave it such a high rating, makes me even more excited! Fingers crossed that I will have my first Gold Class experience this Valentine's when my partner and I go to see Deadpool!

    Kez |

  4. This looks like my dream evening! Look at that food! We have a similar thing in London but the food is half the size and nowhere near as yummy as that looks haha. The film was so awesome too, I'm so glad you liked it xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  5. I've never been to a cinema like this - it looks so rad! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed The Hateful Eight :-) I'm also going to download that app right now. I try to never leave midway through a film, but I'm forever not knowing whether to wait or go just in case I miss something after the credits!!

  6. Not only do I love Gold Class, Tarantino is my favourite Director. I haven't been able to see The Hateful 8 yet though, because my Dad is overseas travelling, so I don't have a babysitter. I've seen every other Tarantino film (Pulp Fiction is my all-time favourite) so I can't wait to see his latest!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  7. I really, really want to watch this movie!
    It's not my usual cup of tea, but it looks interesting enough for me to be obsessed with it after. ^^
    The Snap Narrative

  8. Why take action? Of course, many Hollywood movies are good. Some of them are even great. Let's face the fact that a lot of them are just awful, and we will often watch them anyway. Cathay cinema


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