Body Issues

7 March 2016

After a fatal mix of 10 nights on a cruise, and then the following 7 nights as a flu-ridden immobile blob, I have put on weight. Thus sinking into a pit of blubbery despair as I attempt to lose the added kilos without resorting to starving myself for a solid 5 days (at least). I think Josh would notice if I tried to.
The plan was instead to start eating healthier and exercising of a morning. Which is having much slower and less obvious results than simply not eating. (not surprisingly) but annoyingly. The remnants of the flu that still has me waking up in the middle of the night, coughing my lungs up, means that any physically straining exercise on the cardio front, is still out. Less I be reduced to a wheezing blob on the ground. 

My current exercise regime involves waking up and going for a solid paced walk, around the hills of my hometown. Which I would count as better than no exercise at all. The sudden gain has left me refusing to wear any but one lone pair of shorts out outside of the house, until I return back to my regular self. 

I took a photo of this "before" body, that I could not possibly share without having a flattering "after" shot to go alongside it. I feel embarrassed, as this is my first experience with noticeable weight gain. Even if it's only noticeable in my own eyes, and not anyone else's. My body, my issues. 
Is this a wakeup call to not take my naturally small figure for granted? Probably. But I'm still unsure 
if the sudden gain can be linked to anything in my lifestyle of late. A constant dose of cough syrup, antibiotics or even my garlic and horseradish supplements. Meant to ward off these flu symptoms that I've been riddled with. 

I've long struggled with weight as a mental thing.  Always believing that I needed to be thinner to match with my short stature of 5'1 (155cm). I'm probably oversharing now and I'll stop before I spill my guts to a bunch of people I've never met and way too many that I have. 
Body issues. We all have them. Well I do anyway.

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  1. Hah I feel you. I kind of lost my workout routine 6 months ago and haven't found a way back in it. AWFUL! I feel so weird and unhappy in my body at the moment and I'd love to just do something about it but I just can't motivate myself - it's desperate!

    Love, Kerstin

  2. I'm so with you on this, so frustrating when you're over your average weight. We can do this!

    Hannah | Oh January

  3. I was the same after my trip to NYC, the Mecca of greasy food. I think holidays are all about enjoying yourself and I always put on a little bit of weight after one (especially around Christmas). Don't stress too much! You probably look as gorgeous as ever x

    Ps. I find adding a little layer of fake tan really helps me feel a lot slimmer!

    Margarita Chi | MARGARITACHI.CO

  4. We definitely do all have them (body issues)! I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant after having lost over 25kg before hand.. So I've put on quite a lot of weight over the last 8-9 months with being banned from exercise due to passing out at gym a few times. It is hard. But you need to get better first before you continue to push yourself otherwise you'll be stuck in a cycle of sickness because you're not allowing your body to rest! Focus on your nutrition and make sure that's on point - which will also help you recover faster (and help with the weight loss more than exercise at the moment anyway) and then when you're not up in the middle of the night coughing anymore, then head back to exercise. Yes, it is hard to put on weight mentally but you must look after yourself and you most certainly cannot rush these things. Accept that you enjoyed the crap out of your cruise and move on from that and concentrate on feeling better. Your poor body is sick and you need to take care of it.

    I hope you feel better soon! <3


    1. Thanks hun! That's all good advice :) Best of luck with your pregnancy! xx

  5. I totally understand how you are feeling. Earlier in the year I was losing weight, working out and loving it. But it's sort of all stopped now because over the past few months I was doing a work placement, then starting a new job so I've usually been too tired to do anything!

    And yes, we all have body issues. I bet even if we all hit the ideal weight or look or whatever, we'd still have body confidence issues of some kind!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  6. travelling usually comes with weight gain (im sure you havent even put on that much, you still look amazing as I see on instagram), just try to take it easy and watch what you consume :) going back to your routine should take you back to the weight you had before, just give it time :)
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  7. Oh lovely you're right we all have our body issues but you're trying to do something about it which is a positive. Although, don't strain yourself just yet if you're still recovering from the flu... you're body won't thank you!! Sure you'll be back to normal in no time x

  8. Oh love I hope you feel better soon. Weight and the mental strain it has in unbelievable. I haven't seen you before shot, but I bet you still look as beautiful. I know this doesn't help, but I feel like sometimes, just hearing it is nice. I hope your flu goes away soon and that you feel like yourself again!

    Naomi xx

  9. I totally get it, and I'm in the same boat. I am trying to drop a little bit of holiday weight from my trip to Bali and doing the same thing of eating healthier and walking each morning (but with two greyhounds haha). It's hard to do it this way, because it feels like it takes weeks and weeks. BUT from personal experience, the quick, short ways to drop weight never give me the long-term results. Just make sure you celebrate the little wins and appreciate the skin you're in! You're a woman and you're fabulous!

    Dom :)

  10. Hey, I feel you sister. I am going through EXACTLY the same thing. I have signed up to the Joe Wicks 90 Day Plan and should really get started on that. I too have my before pictures burning a hole somewhere in cyber hell but you know. I wish it was easier but it isn't. I am a sucker for sweet treats, crisps and anything really that isn't healthy. I do cook from scratch nearly every night and love to cook, eat veg so I really don't see what my problem is. Keep you head held high and lets do this together x

    Love Carli x


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