February Round Up

1 March 2016

I don't even remember it being February, that's how fast this month has gone. I went on a 10 night cruise from Sydney to around the Pacific Islands, including Vanuatu & New Caledonia. I had a really great time, met a few nice people and drank a lot of Midori Splices. Which would have to be my new fav cocktail. 

February was an absolute bust blogging wise because I didn't have any wifi or internet for the entire time I was away on holidays. Then when I got back I didn't actually have any internet in my house! Finally I got the internet back at home and I got too sick to blog, or even sit at the computer. Then suddenly February was over. So there goes that. Well we've still got the rest of the year! 

Here's February!

Outfits Worn

Hardly any photos seeing as my best outfit selfie place is the big mirror at work. The first picture is actually the most recent, which is why I'm so tanned. It's Autumn now so that's the perfect excuse to shop for some new clothes! Top of my shopping list are flat black leather boots. I'm not sure whether to buy some for cheap now or wait until cute ones come into work. Probably option b.

Films Watched

Hardly any movies this month, but I did watch a whole bunch of movie trailers for upcoming films and I'm super keen! After the kerfuffle at Gold Class, I got two free gold class tickets in return. I say "free" but I definitely had to pay up $80+ for them after I made an error buying tickets with my gift card. 

Gold Class is good, but the staff are still getting the hang of things. Because if they get your order wrong you either miss the movie or just deal with it at the end. Or you wave frantically because where is my pizza, and is that my pizza you're giving to those people? Yes, yes it is. 

Films Outta 5:
American Ultra - 4/5
Deadpool - 5/5
Trainwreck - 3/5
The Good Dinosaur - 2/5

Plants Adopted

A lonely single Aloe Tree (aloe bainesii). Which can grow really big one day if I put it in a good pot and treat it right. This one is going to live outside. Unfortunately one of my plants, my newest fiddle leaf fig, definitely died while I was on holidays. As did my already withering Pothos. I can totally return it for a full refund to Bunnings, if only I can find my receipt...

Notable Moments

I didn't take too many photos on the cruise because you don't carry your phone around as there's no internet or reception. You don't need to carry a bag around either, so you often don't have a camera on you. But I did get a few nice snaps of my holiday here and there. 

A big cruise thing is that housekeeping folds your towels into cute animals. Come on, this is great for all ages. I sure as hell enjoyed it, but then again I'm a child. We also got a Koala and a Monkey and they were very quality. That would be the best skill, your children would be very blessed. 

Our favourite places we visited would have been Mystery Island and Isle of Pines. Both of them beautiful and secluded islands. Mystery Island was the best as it was just this small island, you could walk around it in about 45 minutes. No one lived there, but a lot of locals come over to sell things and play music and just generally chill out. The water was amazing, warm, clear and filled with fishies. Perfect for snorkelling. 

10 nights with this dude. At the end he said to me, the only time we spent apart this entire trip was when he went to buy us two cokes while I stayed in the room, and when I had a spa treatment. If you can spend that much time with someone and not get sick of them, I think that's a good sign. We only had one fight, and it was because I picked up a random rainbow frisbee I found, and he told me to not pick up stuff like that because it could have germs, who knows where it's been? And I said, don't tell me what to do, I'm at adult if I want to pick up rainbow childrens frisbees I can! Serious stuff. 

What's in Store for March
Hopefully a lot more blogging! Significantly more than what we saw in February in any case. The ideas are swimming around I've just got to put them into action. This month I'll be working quite a bit, my sister has her 21st birthday and I'm also going to Melbourne for the Comedy Festival over Easter Weekend! Which will be lots of fun. So plenty of blogging opportunities ahead. 

I have a few dinner recipes that I plan to try out this month as well. Which are hopefully successful and healthy, because I know I need to start eating better. I live like 2 minutes from the best Indian food in town though! I'll share them later on, in a kind of Lazy Girl's Guide to Dinners!
Cause I know I've been having a lot of frozen pizzas. They're great though. 

This month on the blog, it's going to be all about looking after yourself! Both physically and mentally. Because who reading this procrastinates looking after themselves? Whether it's eating properly or doing some physical activity. Even just letting yourself have some time off from the rest of the world and it's stresses. Stay tuned x

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  1. Love your february round up! I've also watched and loved Deadpool!! And your Outfits are great - I especially love the first one :)

    Love, Kerstin

  2. Your trip sounds perfect. I've never been on a cruise but it sounds amazing. Glad you enjoyed Deadpool - it was one of my favourites for February!

  3. i really wanna go on a cruise! hope you are feeling better :D
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. Glad you had an awesome cruise! So cute that they do that with the towels. I'd go on a cruise, just for that, to be honest. Mystery Island sounds freakin' amazing to be truthful.

    That third outfit is SO awesome. And I really want to see Deadpool again, as I liked it more than I thought I would, even though I was excited for it anyway!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  5. I love the look of Aloe plants - been meaning to get one - your one looks like a winner :) Also your cruise talk wants me to go travelling so badddd! haha.


  6. Deadpool was the highlight haha how good was it! Also seems like you had a blast on the cruise!

    Also the aloe plant reminds my of hot summer days in childhood when I got burnt so mum would rip some straight off the aloe vera plant we had and cover me in it. So I also hate the stickiness and smell of the plant hahahaha whoops!

    Rai | utterardour.blogspot.com

  7. Welcome back! We missed you but that cruise sounds like it was aaaaamazing.
    I LOVE the towel elephant picture and totally agree with your love for Deadpool.
    xx, Pia


  8. You life is **goals**
    Marina / www.MarinaSays.com

  9. I'd love to go on a cruise, and the third outfit in your photos is so cute.
    I definitely procrastinate when it comes to looking after myself!

    Lucy x- Yellowicing

  10. Sounds like a perfect month to me! I still haven't ever gone on a cruise but that would be a great one to do, pacific islands are so gorgeous! Loving your beaut tan too :)

    Kate | themintedblog.com

  11. Sounds like you had such a fun month! I've never been on a cruise but have always been curious to try it out someday. I still haven't seen Deadpool, hoping I'll be able to soon though!

  12. you know what, i love your style. your outfits are the kind of style I want to have.
    I would love to go on a cruise one day when we can afford it.

    Dice, kandice.me

  13. I love that we get to pick your next read. You Rock! I hope you choose mine...


Thanks so much for commenting everyone! I read and appreciate every single one of your comments! xx