Getting a Mole Removed

25 March 2016

If you're a regular reader then you probably would have seen me talk about how important it is to get your skin checked. Especially if you're an Aussie, as the Southern Sun can be mighty hot. 

It doesn't seem like that long ago now that I spotted a mole on the inside of my big toe, and realised that it didn't exactly look that great. I booked an appointment with the Skin Cancer Clinic so that I could get a professional opinion on the situation.

Fast forward to the 22nd of March and I had my appointment to get that pesky mole removed from my foot to be sent away for testing. 
I was pretty not keen on the whole situation, but kept getting reminded from various people, that it was better than the alternative. Thanks folks, I realise that. 
I took my mum with me on the day for moral support, as I've never had a local anaesthetic and awake procedure before. Well not including fillings at the dentist. 

They made me lay down on my stomach, with my arms around a pillow, which was oddly comforting as this is my regular sleeping position. The nurse chatted to me for a bit while my toe was set up for surgery. Basic things like cleaning the area with an antiseptic wipe, and surrounding it with one of those sheet things, so that only the area to be worked on is visible. 

Then came the shittiest part. The local anaesthetic needle. Apparently the most painful part of that is after it comes out, but I couldn't see the needle or tell, so it just felt like the needle was in there for ages. Really unpleasant. After that the doc did some paperwork while we waited for the numbing to set in. 

I was definitely getting anxious but kept chatting to my mum and the nurse, and was continually assured that the worst of it was over. 

When the surgery finally started I was relieved to find that I could indeed not feel any pain, just random movement in the area. Mum started talking to me about my pet dogs, which I miss so much! So that distracted me from focusing on what was really happening.

Finally it was all over. I was bandaged up good, and sent on my way home. With the instructions to keep my foot elevated for the next 2 days at least, and to not work until next week. Also like gremlins, please please don't get the bandages wet at all. Which has meant every night Josh has put a plastic bag on my foot and taped it up good so that I can shower.

It's been pretty darn sore but I've been walking on it a bit more. I'm actually flying to Melbourne tomorrow morning for the Easter weekend, so hopefully I will be okay! Josh's mum got me some crutches just in case, which I'm hoping I won't really have to use, as they are awkward and bulky. 

I also find out in about a week whether or not the mole is benign or not. Wish me luck! 

Cya! xx

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  1. Good luck, hopefully its just benign but at least it is out now!

    Kez |

  2. Good luck girl! But yes, I agree with everyone else, getting it out now and tested is much better than letting it go. And hey, it's probably benign and you'll most likely be totes okay! Fingers crossed however, ahah, never be too careful.
    If it help ease your mind at all, I had one removed a few years ago too because it was sus-looking and it turned out to just be a mole. So here's hoping it'll be the same for you!

    Then again, don't think about it if you can haha. Soo, happy easter! haha, change the subject...

  3. Fingers crossed! Good job on getting through that!

  4. good luck! have a nice Easter :) Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  5. At least it's done now - and hopefully it'll be benign, and all a-okay!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  6. Stay strong and good luck! Applaud you for getting through a rough time.



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