The Jurassic World Exhibition

7 April 2016 Melbourne Museum, Australia

I love dinosaurs! I would be soo chuffed if I had one of those cool lifelike dinosaur costumes, I would wear it around any chance I got. 
When I saw that the Jurassic World Exhibition was on in Melbourne, and that I was visiting when it was going to be on, I knew that the stars were aligning and I had to attend!
In the past I have only ever been to the Harry Potter Exhibition in Sydney, which Josh bought me a ticket to as a gift when we had only just started dating. Too cute. 
Lining up to get into the exhibition I was so jittery, bouncing around. Truly like a young child. What can I say, I love the dinos. 
There should have been adults only sessions, so those tiny children could have gotten out of the way and let the real dinosaur fans through. The lighting was awful for taking photos, but I'll post a few of the good ones I did manage to get. All of the very best dinosaurs moved a lot, so taking photos was practically impossible. But I very much just enjoyed the moment, and basked in each dinosaurs glory instead. 
Everything was life size, and I ooh'd and ahh'd my way through every connecting room. Each room was more exciting than the last. It was no touching, but I did want to pet all of the baby dinosaurs anyway.
We got to visit the Jurassic World labs, where they explained about extracting DNA from mosquitoes trapped in ancient amber. Then recreating long extinct dinosaurs. There was a lot to look at, like the eggs bobbling in their warmth chamber, and then the newly hatched dinosaurs basking under the heat lamps. It was all very realistic, and the baby dinosaurs moved around a little in a sleeping manner.
In the Lab there was also a wall of amber, with mosquitoes trapped in each one. Waiting to be extracted and made into new dinosaurs?? Probably!
Once you left the lab, that was the point of no return, no going back from there. But only new and better things waited ahead! The next room contained the very realistic and scary Tyrannosaurus Rex! 
I really couldn't get many photos, because she moved around a lot, and the lighting was low and spooky for effect. 
I'm not going to spoil it for anyone who is keen on attending, because it really was great not knowing what dinosaur awaited you in the next room. I had a great time!
If you're planning on going, I would recommend booking at least one day in advance. through their online booking system.  That way you can jump the queue to pick up your tickets when you get there, as well as picking a time for your tour. 
Every exhibition entry fee also includes entry into the museum, so no need to double book. You can look around the museum before or after you visit the dinosaurs! See them alive and then go and look at all the fossils, very cool.
The exhibition is on until October 9th! So if you're going to be in Melbourne, head to the Melbourne Museum to check it out! xx

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  1. This looks amazing, I love dinosaurs x

    Emily -

  2. this is so cool! My fiance would be a happy kid at disney visiting this
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. I have a bit of an obsession with dinosaurs too and this exhibition looks amazing!


  4. That's so awesome! Are they props from the movies?


  5. Gosh, this looks amazing, Tegan! I'd love to visit the exhibition one day. Thank you for sharing!


  6. Omg I had to click on this post straight away!! I loveeee dinosaurs, Jurrassic Park is just the best! This sounds so amazing, I bet you had the best time
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  7. This looks like so much fun! All it's missing is Chris Pratt in his dino taming get-up... then I would officially be in heaven.

    Grace | eat, write + explore x

  8. This sounds so freakin' awesome! And I am so with you on wanting one of those dinosaur costumes. I'd go around scaring everyone!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…


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