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20 May 2016

I've been a sad sap due to working so much like all the time. It also means I hardly to get to see Josh, even though we live together gosh darn it. Which seems like it would be impossible, but it's really not. Especially as he works nights, we mostly only seem to see the other while they're sleeping.

I finally had a day off, and Josh is going to Sydney for the day/night to do some for some uni course workshops. I'll see him tomorrow evening, but in order to enjoy a rare free morning together we decided to go out for breakfast. Core Espresso is a bit of a hidden gem along Darby Street, on the opposite side and up a bit further than most cafes. It's the second time I've been there for breakfast, and I had the same thing both times. 

Coffee can make or break a cafe, so I'll gladly say that this place makes a mean brew. In fact Josh had two soy lattes. Calm down sweetie you're about to be in the car for 2 hours. I had a soy mocha in a cute little mug. Very yum, with no addition of sugar required. A plus in my book. 

The back courtyard seating area is small and sweet. It gives off a cosy rustic vibe, and sort of gives the vibe as if you're sitting in the back area of a well designed apartment. I would be chuffed if this is what my back courtyard looked like. 

Plenty of comfy seating, lots of plants, a tree mural and a wall that is also a water fountain. It's easy to forget that you're in the CBD. There's plenty of seats but it's not too packed in, so you don't feel too cramped. Which is an issue I definitely come across in smaller cafes. 

Joshua's Egg & Bacon Roll
Avocado & Feta on Sourdough
Avocado on sourdough is like my go to. I didn't realise how Aussie this was, but it's rare to find avocado on stuff especially as a breakfast food overseas. But this is the stuff of dreams, which is why I make it at home as well as ordering when I'm out. It's just that good.

Josh thoroughly enjoyed his Egg & Bacon roll, even though he was sure he would spill it all over himself. He didn't. Mine was super delicious and the decision to get it for a second time was the correct one. I really should try the granola next time. I'm not very adventurous. 

Sorry random family...
Core Espresso also does amazing fresh baked muffins, juices and protein balls that are just waiting for you to grab one and go. I've previously enjoyed a caramel and pretzel muffin and it was delicious!

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  1. This place looks so cute! I totally agree that it's a plus when you don't need to add sugar, haha (:

    Gen | Raspberry Notes!

  2. yum! food looks great, and you can totally find breakfast with avocados over here :p
    hope you guys had fun catching up!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. This looks like such a cute place, and sounds like they do good food and drinks! Now...if only I lived on the other side of the world, right?

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  4. Mmm, looks good, avo on toast is my go to as well, I could eat it anytime!

    Kez |


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