DIY Denim with Factorie

15 August 2016

I've always been a big fan of denim jackets with patches, I've just never made the leap to actually making my own. Factorie gave me a push in the right direction by supplying me with some denim of my choosing and way more patches than I could possibly ever need, to see what I could come up with! 

It was hella fun and super easy. Plus now I'm definitely on board with buying my own patches in the future and pimpin' out my jeans and denim shorts. 

I sat down and positioned those patches all over the jacket in every single combination. Which patches did I like the most? What did I want front and centered? How did I want to back of the jacket to look? 

After arranging and rearranging I took some quick iphone snaps for memory, and then set about on the application process. 

To stick on your patches, places them onto a spot where you would like them. Lay a damp cloth over the top and with an iron (set to cotton heat level) iron over the patches for 20-30 seconds. I must admit I was stingy on the ironing at first, but I went back and actually held it there for the allotted time and they actually stuck! 

Then flip your denim inside out and iron the patches through the back of the denim for another 20-30 seconds. You really want to warm that adhesive up so the patches well and truly stick. 

Factorie was also rad enough to send me shopping for a matching outfit to go with my now pimped out denim jacket. I grabbed an outfit and accessories to match.

I grabbed the Fringe Sling Bag and my favourite pack of Plush stickers which made this bag super cute. My kitten sure did like to play with those tassels too. 

"Nope" Design originally from These are Things
Theses "Splendour Sunnies" were such a bargain and they are super cute. I also had to make sure my favourite patches were front and center. 

Outfit Details

Have a great week! 
Cya! xx


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  1. Loving this entire look so much! This is making me want to get patches for my denim jacket actually...

    Meg | Elmpetra

  2. Love the look! I once bought a denim jacket but it really didn't suit me. I still have it actually, but at the back of a wardrobe. You've got me thinking about putting patches on it now!! x

  3. I've been looking for patches for a while now! I even walked past my local factorie and saw they were doing this I really love the roller skates one! You're jacket looks awesome I love where you've put the arrow *heart eyes*

    Rai |

  4. That jacket is the bomb! Love this xx.


  5. So cool, I love the patches you chose, and the handbag goes perfectly with your jacket!

    Kez |

  6. I love how the jacket turned out, it's so cute! And on top of that it sounds like such an easy DIY project!

  7. looks awesome! did you stick them onto your bag as well? I bought a few patches and I must try doing this!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  8. Love the patches you chose to decorate the denim. SO fun!! :)
    Yours Truly, NY | INSTAGRAM

  9. I love it! It turned out so well. I really want to do one of my own now!

    Jane / deluminators

  10. I love how your jacket turned out!! The arrows in the middle of the back!! I have never thought of a denim jacket to fit into my wardrobe, but I may now have to go shopping!! You pull it off so well!!

    Mel x || Loads of Lifestyle

  11. Amzing ideeas! YOu have a great style!
    Inspiration and greetings from


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