Side Table Styling with Brosa

24 August 2016

One of the reasons I was so excited to move out for the first time was for the opportunity to set up and style an entire house! Not just my bedroom, multiple rooms. I always loved interior design and I had pinned so many images on pinterest. It also inspired me to start blogging!

I love decorating the townhouse that I live in. I can't wait for Josh & I to buy our own home together and truly make it ours. But for now I'll settle with beautifying my rental.

Brosa got in touch with me and let me go nuts styling one of their pieces. I picked the Elizabeth Lamp Table in Walnut because it already matched so well with the style we had gone for on the first level of our house.

I love how the table is fairly compact, but is also wide enough to comfortably fit a lot of decor without being messy. My current bedside tables upstairs are so small that what I keep on them often begins to fall off. 

They are quite crowded, especially if my kitten attempts to also sit on them.
I've styled my Brosa side table with a few different pieces that I collected from around my house. 

I wanted a plant on there because as well as just loving them, they do make lovely decor. The navy pot and prickly pear cactus adds a bit of colour to the area. A small print that I bought off a local artist "Daggy Jess" sits in the middle in a cheap A4 frame I found. 

Next to it is one of my favourite candles by White Horse Home, in Parisian Pear. It smells of pear and cinnamon and I love it. The lamp is a copper table lamp from Freedom that usually lives next to the bed upstairs. I love the copper with a light timber base. 

On the lamp is a Clear Quartz crystal cluster I received for a post last year. It's still such a staple decor piece. I'm really glad I picked it. 

My "But First Coffee" mug from Kikki K. The perfect blogger photo accessory. You'll probably recognise it from various photos.The mug is deceptively giant! It fits such a large portion of hot chocolate, I often can't finish my beverage. 

I've grabbed and started reading the latest of the Harry Potter books. I'm hooked, even if it is written in script form. I'll obsess over anything Harry Potter related I can get my hands on. How nice is the print in gold though! 

I stole Josh's brand new Bailey Nelson glasses for the shoot and added them on top as they look super sweet up there. I kind of wish I had to get glasses just so I could wear cool ones. Silly I know.

Finally my favourite The Horse Watch, in black leather with a white marble face. An essential that goes with every outfit. Also a handy piece of decor. 

The lower shelf of the table is perfect for some of the coffee table books I've been collecting. My illustrated edition of The Philosopher's Stone generally lives upstairs in the study, but I brought it down to add to the pile. 'Indoor Green Living with Plants' is a beautiful book, filled with a lot of beautiful photos of plants and images of them.

'Humans of New York Stories' - I have been a big fan of HONY since it began and I love having it in book form. Some of the stories are truly heartbreaking. Right on top is "This Book Loves You" - PewDiePie. One from Josh's collection, it's full of funny and inspiration quotes from the famous youtuber Pewds. 

This side table is such a solid piece that I'm certain will get used over the years, brought along with us each time we move house. 

It was so fun to style this piece it has inspired Josh and I look over and restyle some areas of the house that we have neglected. Such as hanging that picture which has been sitting there for over a year... 

Brosa has such a large range of good quality furniture, I'll definitely check it out when I'm on a hunt for the next piece to add to my home. 
Cya! xx
Do you have a spot in your house that you think could use a good restyle? 


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  1. That's such a beautiful designed table

    Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Ooh, I love this table, the walnut colour is so good! You styled it beautifully btw!

    Kez |

  3. It looks absolutely beautiful! #tablegoals haha xx.


  4. such aa pretty table! I love your attention to detail! I'm excited about styling my home too, can't wait to make it all pretty and colourful. I am definitely going for the opposite of minimalist trend lol
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  5. It looks beautiful! Haha I like the new HP book without the paper jacket as well.

    Jane / deluminators

  6. I totally agree that a sidetable is always a good idea (and fun to style!). I'd love to try that candle; it sounds awesome!
    xx, Pia

  7. I've just moved out of home for the first time recently into a place I've bought and I have been so excited about buying furniture and styling different areas of the home. I'm just working on it one bit at a time because I want to make sure I find the right pieces rather than just buying anything so that I get something in there. Plus it can be hard to picture how something is going to look with everything else that I have (especially before I'd actually moved) but it's worth taking it slow and really considering each thing I buy before spending the money. I love your lamp too by the way!

    I haven't read the new HP book yet and I'm a bit put off by it being a script but I'm sure I'll get around to reading it eventually.


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