Checking in on my Goals for 2016

27 September 2016

It's almost laughable for me to be writing this. I was almost about to ignore this post all together since I feel as though I have made zero progress on my goals this year. At the same time, maybe this post is exactly what I need, a wake up call to get my ass in gear! What have I been doing the past nine months?? Working mainly. 

So here we go. Here's the goals I set for myself this year, and the poor attempts I've made towards them.


1. Keep My Plants Alive 

This was going quite well, and to be honest is still technically going well. Except for the fact that I introduced the wonderful Coco the Ragdoll Cat into my life. Firstly I needed to remove all plants that were toxic to cats. Which to my surprise was 95% of them. Oh. I moved the majority into my courtyard. Luckily I did, because the non toxic ones that remain get played with and munched on daily. 

2. Read 12 Books

 I bought Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and I still haven't read it! What is wrong with me?? I started reading my new Nancy Drew collection, and enjoyed it but didn't finish a single book. I have actually read one book this year though *applause* 'The Girl on the Train' which was great and now I'm excited for the movie! I could definitely read 11 books before the end of the year, I am a speedy reader, I just need to actually pick up a book. 

3. Get Outdoors More!

 I started jogging with my Couch to 5k, which I guiltily need to get back into okay. I stopped with the petty excuse of it being too cold and too icky outside as it was Winter. Winter is over, and my excuses have left, now all I need to do is start up again.

4. Live a Bit More than I Work 

This is actually the only goal that I've probably succeeded in! That's right! I quit one of my jobs! Yep! Only about 2 weeks ago now but it's been great so far! I have more time off, and I also have more time to take extra shifts at my only job now too. At the moment I haven't technically been "living" too much as I've been staying home and saving my money. It's only been two weeks! But when it starts to get a bit warmer, I'll be able to walk to the beach for a free and fun outdoor activity! But I might not be able to walk there for much longer... 

5. Finish All the Playstation Games I Own, Before Buying More

I also amazingly have been very good with this goal as well! I completed all of The Witcher and both of it's DLCs! What a freakin' great game. No wonder it won so many awards, I wish I could keep playing it. I still have some racing and Gwent goals to finish but I really sucked at them anyway so basically finished! There's some great games coming up towards the end of the year, Final Fantasy, another Kingdom Hearts (not 3..) and the remastered version of Skyrim. Which was my all time favourite game on PS3 so I probably need to get it again.


1. Write More About Cool Spots in my City

I started off so strong this year with my blog before spiralling into darkness and not blogging. I managed to do a few posts about cool spots in the city before trailing off into the distance. It's up there with one of my favourite things to blog about, so I need to get back on that!

2. Get Blog Business Cards 

Laughable. One day perhaps.

3. Reach 1000 Bloglovin' Followers or 500 Likes on Facebook

Maybe this goal would be a bit closer if I had actually continued blogging instead of working all the time and playing the playstation in my spare time. 

4. Become More Well Known as a Local Blogger

I actually have made some headway on this goal amazingly. I was a guest on a local podcast called Splitting Cases where I talked about my love for the Marvel Universe. I also guest wrote a piece in a local Art & Culture Zine called Newcastle Mirage. My post was about four of my favourite bloggers from the area. Unfortunately I couldn't include how great my blog was. Darn. 

5. Increase My Readership & View Count

If I want to do this, I probably need to actually blog you know?

How are you coming along with your New Years Resolutions or goals for 2016? Failing? Making a bit of progress? Maybe it's time to revisit!
Cya! xx


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  1. I think having to work is a valid excuse, you gotta eat! I've recently had to break myself out of a book slump as well. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for the blog!

  2. i work way too much too! I definitely need to get out and live more!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. I'm looking forward to you blogging a little more regularly, I've been missing your posts! I am so excited for the remastered version of Skyrim to be released too, it was basically the only game I would play for the longest time, but my save bugged out and I didn't have the heart to start again, I'm looking forward to starting afresh with the remastered version though.

    Kez |

  4. You can do all those Tegan 😊 I want to grow something but I can't even keep up with Plant Nanny, how much more real live plants 😂 one day though.


  5. Sounds like you are tracking well!

    Looking forward to reading more posts :)

    nat // dignifiable

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  7. Sorry if you've received like 60 comments from me but I wasn't sure if they submitted properly so I'm commenting again just in case!

    I think you've done really really with your life goals even if you feel like you haven't been sticking to your blog ones. I'm the same though, I go through periods of feeling really motivated and having a bunch of content ready to go, but then real life gets in the way and you have a really busy couple of weeks and then it all feels so overwhelming. It's a really enjoyable and rewarding but also really time consuming hobby so I don't think anyone judges anyone else for needing to take a bit of time out sometimes.

    Also I'm the same with reading. Back when I had a job in the city and I caught the train there and back I got so much reading done, but when that changed and I started driving to work I found it so hard to fit in any ready and it's really taken a backseat for the last couple of years. But a few weeks ago I decided enough was enough and worked out a way to fit some reading into my lunch break and it's feeling so good already! Hopefully you can do the same. :)


Thanks so much for commenting everyone! I read and appreciate every single one of your comments! xx