Fall Staples with Jord (+ A Chance to Win!)

8 November 2016

Though it's not Autumn here in Australia, it is for about half of the world and a reasonable chunk of my readers. My new wood watch from Jord is delicious in it's dark sandalwood shades, it looks like it would be right at home sitting amongst some freshly fallen autumn leaves.

I've rounded up some pieces that all fit together in an ideal outfit for me on a lovely Autumn's day. My fall staples. That I could wear again and again all throughout the season. 

These five pieces can be worn together seamlessly for a chic outfit on a lovely Autumns day. They all fit in with my general style anyway. The Black Culottes Jumpsuit has beautiful open sides and can be worn with both a shirt underneath or by itself which is something I always look out for as I can warm up the outfit if it's cold outside with a high neck shirt, or if it's particularly hot outside I can wear with only a bra. That's my kind of outfit. 

The super soft grey scarf is a staple that will match with a lot of outfits and is easily thrown on whether it's cold or I just want a cute additional accessory. I already have a camel coat from Topshop that I freakin' adore. The only downside is that it hardly gets cold enough over here on the coast to wear it. Camel coats go well over monochromatic and neutral tones and honestly it just gives off such a Fall vibe in my opinion. 

I am on the hunt for some cute loafers at the moment and I'm yet to find the pair for me. I'm thinking maybe some mule/loafers with the open backs. But I'm still looking. I love these because they're made from real leather, they're a nice black and they have super cute tassels at the front! Loafers also work really well with culottes.

Finally my Jord Wood Watch* in Fieldcrest Dark Sandalwood. The dark tones in the wood of this unique watch makes me think about curling up in front of the fire with pumpkin spice lattes, and running through the fallen leaves in the park. The tones in the band and dark watch face means that it's the perfect accessory to pretty much go with anything I've already got in my wardrobe.  

If you'd like to get your hands on one of these gorgeous watches you can head over to Jord right here for a chance to win a $75 gift voucher towards a watch of your choice! You also will get a $20 gift voucher just for entering! How rad is that. 

*This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches 


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