My Morning Routine

16 January 2017

A sure fire way to waste your day away is by starting it off poorly. Rolling out of bed way too late, browsing Instagram, Facebook & Quora which uses up way more time than you would generally assume. Even though you always do it and that always happens. 

A good morning routine means you'll kick procrastination in the butt and start off your day right. I also find that knowing I have a routine set in place of a morning helps me to roll out of bed and not snooze the alarm one more time. I can't possibly fit everything in if I only leave myself 30 minutes.
One of my New Year's Resolutions was to fix up my sleeping pattern. I want to be in bed by 11pm and out of bed at 6.30am. I've managed to get a hold of waking up, but I just can't get my ass into bed by 11. I can't wake up early and be a functioning adult if I'm only getting 6 hours of sleep.
 Especially if I'm trying to increase my fitness levels. Not getting enough sleep is a great way to feel sluggish and gain weight. 

So here's what I do every morning to get me started for the day. 

1. Don't Snooze the Alarm

I don't need to set more than one alarm in the morning because if I genuinely need to get up, I'll get out of bed on the first go. Most mornings I'll roll over, grab my phone and stop the alarm. Have a quick check of instagram and my emails and then I'll get out of bed. 

2. Drink Some Oxyshred

This thermogenic fat burner is the perfect substitute for my morning coffee. It takes me 2 minutes to mix one scoop with 300ml of water in a shaker. The fruity drink gives me the boost I need and gets me drinking my first lot of water for the day. While I can't guarantee that it does everything it claims to do, it certainly starts off my morning on the right foot. My favourite flavour is Wild Melon!

3. Yoga with Youtube

Waking up of a morning to do yoga has really motivated me to get out of bed in the morning. If I have work that day or places to be, I can't fit it in unless I get out of bed. I have never gone to an actual class and I'm still on the basics (shh my tree pose needs some work) but I enjoy doing it every morning. 

I'm currently completing the 31 Days of Yoga Revolution with Adriene and I love completing a new practice each morning when I wake up. It feels good to stick with something and have smaller goals that I want to achieve in it. Like perfecting certain poses and becoming more flexible. It's become the best part of my morning. 

Don't have a yoga mat? These ones are cute and have free shipping!

4. Take a Cold Shower

What am I crazy? It is the middle of Summer here and I don't know if I will be able to keep up with this commitment in Winter, but for the moment I love it! In fact there are a number of benefits from having a cold shower. It's great for your circulation and initiates a lot of contractions throughout the body that kickstart your lymphatic system! It's also been shown to improve your metabolism and fat burning. If anything it will surely wake you up!

5. Outfit, Hair & Makeup

Depending on where I'm going or if I'm leaving the house at all this step is occasionally skipped all together. For those who ask how I do my fringe? I pop my head under the tap until it's soaking wet, give it a brief towel dry and then blast it downwards with the hairdryer, while I comb it at the same time. Done. 

I don't pre plan my outfits unless it's for a certain event. I do however look up the weather for that day and dress accordingly. Don't just look out the window and decide. You'll probably be incorrect. That's especially the case where I live anyway. Most of my tops go with the majority of my bottoms. I start with one and then pick a buddy. For regular days this is pretty speedy. 

How am I feeling, can I be bothered, how dark are the circles beneath my eyes today? Moisturiser and concealer and brows are musts. On every other day it's foundation, contour powder and the whole shebang. 

6. A Healthy & Relatively Speedy Breakfast

I don't tend to leave much time for breakfast. But when I have a bit of extra time I put in some more effort. My go to is yummy stuff on toast. I've been eating multigrain sourdough slices of a morning, and my favourite topping is avocado with tomato. But I love cream cheese with cucumber, or the good ole regular spreads like vegemite and peanut butter. If I give myself too many breakfast options I end letting one go out of date because I've mostly stuck to one. It also means food decisions in the morning are quick. 

I try to leave my phone in one spot and not browse it while I'm getting ready in the morning. As it just makes me take a lot longer. I flick through a magazine while I eat my breakfast instead and that tends to be easier to stop than the endless browsing of the internet. 
Once I have an order to do things in the morning that actually works and gets me out the door, mostly on time. Then I stick with it. 
Tell me in the comments something you just have to do every morning as part of your morning routine.  I'd love to know!

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  1. Love this morning routine!!

    Hannie Arden | Missing Wanderer

  2. Great ideas. I can't say I'm not envious of your get up and go attitude. I'm so bad at it, I have to set three alarms to make sure I get up in time for work! I do love yoga with Adrienne, will definitely try and get back into it!

    Hannah | Oh January

  3. Such a great routine!! You have definitely given me some inspiration for my mornings!!

    Mel xx || Loads of Lifestyle

  4. My morning routine is the worst. The first thing I do is grab my phone and scroll through until I'm late. Should probably stop this!

  5. I wish I could exercise in the morning but sadly I cannot. Loving these tips! might try the cold shower tip in the summer! its winter here so not a good idea :P
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  6. I find that now my boyfriend and I live together and we get up at the same time for work each morning we've worked out a little routine that works really well for both of us, but if I wasn't working full time (I soon won't be, actually) then in the past when I was at uni or working in part time jobs I haven't had a routine and it makes it hard to get anything done. I'd also really like to get back into yoga. Before I moved out of home I used to do it a couple of times a week at my local gym and I loved it. I really like Yoga with Adrienne too but have completely fallen out of the habit of doing it, but once I (hopefully) get a bit more time to myself I'd love to start doing it again, especially in the morning to help me wake up and get started for the day.

  7. Yoga With Adriene is liiife! I'm going to be so sad when these 31 days are over. I just started incorporating 5 minute meditation right after my morning yoga before work to clear my mind for the day. It's become a habit I'm happy to say!

  8. I wish I had a morning routine like this, but at the moment I am already out of bed by 5am to be at work for 6am, I don't know that I want to commit to waking up at 4.30 just to squeeze in some yoga!

    Kez |

  9. I absolutely love yoga too, there's some great studio's around Newcastle i'm sure you'd love! x

  10. Ooo! I'm working on better habits around bedtime and in the morning this year too! My evening routine has been going well for the most part so far, but the morning one is still something I'm working on. I hadn't thought about reading a magazine at breakfast time, but this is definitely something I'm going to adopt. You're so right about being online in the mornings. If I end up browsing social media or watching something, my morning just seems to creep away!


Thanks so much for commenting everyone! I read and appreciate every single one of your comments! xx