Scandinavian Style with Icon By Design

5 February 2017

The Scandinavian trend is one that has come onto the scene in recent years and is yet to leave, which I am eternally grateful for, as this unique style is visible in many aspects of my own home. The pieces effortlessly strike a balance between simple and remarkable, standing out as statement pieces yet working alongside other items seamlessly.

Scandinavian influence is present in so very many modern homes nowadays. Almost all newly renovated homes that I have explored during my time spent house hunting have been furnished in Scandi d├ęcor. If they weren't, they were behind the times and it became clear to me that it was a style choice that affected people's first impressions of homes.

Me? I'm keen to add more of this style into my home as we renovate and refurnish all different areas. 

Here are five of my favourite basic Scandinavian style pieces from Icon by Design, a beautiful Australian furniture store who have only very recently opened a flagship store in Sydney!

Magnus Dining Table

Anyone who has been inside my house will know that I have a table roughly the same length as this one. Our house is only small but we have not regretted this purchase for a second. You can allow the Magnus Dining Table from Icon By Design to function as a hub, the meeting point in the house. It’s compact, but there'll always be room for hosting guests. 

Whether your guests are all seated or simply just gathered around the table to grab handfuls of finger food, the Magnus Dining Table is the gift that keeps on giving. The rounded edges and slanted legs are sleek and modern without being too harsh.

Bruno King Sized Bed & Bedside Table

These two pieces were literally made for each other. Many interior design experts will warn you to exercise caution when it comes to getting too “matchy” with corresponding furniture. But with pieces so sleek and simple the addition of further furnishings and decor easily ensure that the style won't become too repetitive. 

It's important to start with strong pieces when furnishing a room, particularly in the bedroom as it's where we often spend much of our time. I love how the Bruno Bedside Table has an open shelf and one drawer; maximising storage in what is a relatively small unit. I have so many things in my bedside drawer that if I didn't have anywhere to hide all of it, it would look awfully messy. 

Think of the drawer as a convenient storage compartment for the book you’re currently reading or a place to tuck your phone away while it charges. In the Bruno King Size Bed Frame, the three panels on the headboard create more interest than just a solid one-piece headboard. The low end of the bed is also stylish and practical and really helps to open up a room, accentuating the space in your bedroom!

Jonas Low Bookshelf

Low standing bookshelves are incredibly versatile and often underrated. They're useful in a lot of places in the home where you usually wouldn't place a bookshelf of regular size. Be creative! Think behind your lounge, underneath a window or in the entryway of your home. The Jonas 4x1 Bookshelf is so versatile that it can even function as a television stand. 

What I especially love about any low standing bookshelf is the opportunity to style on top, with pieces of decor or artwork leaning against the wall. It's a whole new area to decorate and store whatever knick-knacks you desire. I love the way the Jonas bookshelf looks so gorgeous against exposed brick! Shelving with backing is thankfully no longer the norm.

Franz Armchair

We have wanted to get an armchair for so long, and now with a clever rearrangement of our living area a spot has opened up! The Franz Armchair is the perfect addition, and like all pieces from Icon By Design, it doesn't compromise comfort for style. I love the solid oak colour that is present in all of these pieces and it pairs so well with the charcoal fabric without creating too harsh a contrast. I can see myself curling up here with a good book and a cup of tea, or at least sitting in it and looking and feeling stylish as heck!

I love how the colours of all these pieces of furniture are so versatile. They could easily fit in with so very many existing interior design styles. My favourite style ideas to go alongside this kind of furniture are timber floors, white walls, exposed brick and plenty of plants!
Which is your favourite piece of furniture from Icon By Design that I've picked out today? Is this a style you're usually drawn to? Let me know in the comments!

This post was sponsored by "Icon by Design" but all opinions are my own.   


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  1. WOAH. All of these pieces are absolutely beautiful. Think I need to jump on this trend.

    Ellie //

  2. I've always loved the simple but beautiful design of Scandinavian furniture - I especially love the low bookshelf and the armchair :)

    Amy //

  3. I looooove that armchair so much! It's the perfect reading chair!

    Sharni //

  4. All of these look so beautiful and effortlessly chic! I'm a huge fan of the modern designs too!

  5. I love the Scandinavian style, I would love to have a home full of these pieces!!

    Laura || xx

  6. I love the look of the Jonas low book shelf! I'd love to have that piece in my home!


  7. I love scandi designs, my house isn't scandi, but I'd love to re-do it in a few years, I think it would really brighten up the small space I have!

    Kez |

  8. Such gorgeous pieces! I love the Scandinavian style of furniture as well :) That Franz Arm Chair is calling my name :D

    Kate |

  9. LOVE anything Scandinavian inspired!! Especially the grey chair xx

  10. I absolutely love Scandi design!! I can't wait to put some elements into our new home!!

    Mel xx || Loads of Lifestyle

  11. I love that the brick wall make the light wood look really cozy rather than like a dorm room!

    xx, Pia

  12. Amazing style. i love your post!

  13. absolutely loving all your picks! My personal faves are the Jonas Low Bookshelf and the Franz armchair, both are welcome in my home anytime!

    Ironic Minimalist |

  14. The interior decor is so nice. Looks so modern and homey.
    Ange |

  15. You commented on my blog like three years ago and I never replied.... sorry! Anyways, this post is literally perfect timing since I'm getting ready to decorate my very own space for the first time. I LOVE that yellow lamp... also that dining set is the perfect combination of laid back, but able to be dressed up in a pinch.

    Natalie @

  16. WOW Amazing style, i love your post!


Thanks so much for commenting everyone! I read and appreciate every single one of your comments! xx