Pieces from Jewellery Box

5 November 2017

UK online store Jewellery Box recently sent me two pieces that I picked out of their online collection.

I picked these lovely threader earrings with arrows on the end as well as a small stack of rings.

I love how you can thread the earrings through more than one pierced hole. It’s such a dainty piece that goes along nicely with any other earrings you may have. I am always swapping out my earrings so having a little threader in was a nice way to change it up.

I also received this geometric ring stack. Unfortunately they didn't fit my fingers without falling off, but they were still quite cute!

Everything I picked was sterling silver and super affordable.

You can click on the images below to view them on Jewellery Box!

Cya! x


  1. I love the look of the threaded earring!

    Amy // www.thenoiseinwonderland.com

  2. I'd never heard of this shop, but I'm so glad I have now! I really love those earrings and am always on the look out for sterling silver jewellery. It's a shame the rings didn't fit, but I love the way you've styled the earrings through two holes. I'm off to browse their website now!


Thanks so much for commenting everyone! I read and appreciate every single one of your comments! xx