5 Things I Want for Christmas (that Santa's not bringing)

21 December 2017

In other words this is a wishlist of things that I want that are either too expensive or are otherwise just not going to happen. I mean I have been really good. Well mostly. Let's not stuff around, here's my list. I'm not saying this for sure, but my life would totally improve if I had these items in my life.

I'm kidding but can I still have them?

Mr Mini Robin Bag - Deadly Ponies

I fell for this bag in Sydney at Incu where it was 30% off but still pretty out of my price range. Or however much I wanted to spend right then on a bag I'd just seen for the first time. Bye bye bag I'll never forget you.

The Fifth Label - Century Check Pant

Apparently even though it's Summer here, these pants are so on trend that they are sold out everywhere and any pair of trousers that looks even slightly like this is sold out too. Awesome.

Silver Ginger Necklace - Cinco Store

Layering sweet pieces like this is the way to go right now. I would love to wear this with my little clear quartz choker. I am going to buy this piece, soon. Also this style is available everywhere in gold, and like two places in silver. I'm not changing all my jewellery over to gold so looks like this is the go.

Wandering Star Opal Ring in White Gold - Sofia Zakia

Engagement ring ideas? Hey I'm just being helpful.

A Dang Vacation - Anywhere

Working retail at Christmas time, I'm exhausted! I haven't had an actual holiday since the beginning of the year. I'm ready to just lay on the beach for a solid week. Don't forget that retail stores barely close and I need to put in annual leave if I want to do that. Soo not happening. 
Oh well. Christmas will still be a good time. 
What's top of your "totally not happening" wishlist? Let me know in the comments. 


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1 comment

  1. Love your wishlist!
    Even though my wishlist was a bit more obtainable (not completely out of my price range or sold out), there is still just too much there for me to possibly get everything I'm loving at the moment! Haha!

    Good luck though (hope Josh takes the hint!)
    Merry Christmas and I hope you have a happy New Year! Xx

    Kez | acaciasdreams.com


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