BU Style - The Personal Stylist in Your Pocket

30 July 2018

I work in a clothing store as you probably already know. I love helping people pick out outfits and I also love finding outfits for myself. I'm always hunting down inspiration for new looks and styles but it is something that I really enjoy doing.

I love playing with new tech and I love trying out new apps. One day there will be an app for literally everything that I need to do, and honestly I can't believe there isn't already. 

Enter a marvellous combo of two of my favs. The BU Style App. Created by a real personal stylist, so you can have her expertise with you on the go. It's full of cool features that come in handy when you want to grab something new for your wardrobe. 

The first thing you should do when starting to use the app is to find out whether you are a cool or warm skin tone. You can do this by going to the colours section and taking a selfie with natural light and no makeup on. Then follow the instructions, dragging the little selectors to your hair, eyes and skin so that they can find your match!

I'm a cool skin tone! You can then see a big palette of colours that will suit your overall look. You won't have to worry about these colours washing you out or being not flattering on you. Then I tapped my favourite colours from the selection, maybe colours that are in my wardrobe or ones that I would like to introduce in the future.

There is another section where you can do a style quiz to really break down how you prefer to dress. Sometimes it can be difficult to define your style, but selecting options that you think relate to you, you can find your style!

I got Classic Style Personality, and I think that the description matches my style perfectly!

There are so many fun options in the Be You Style App that help you really discover your true style and more features will be added in the future. 

You can scan in a photo of yourself to get helpful tips on how what pieces best suit your body shape, which is helpful when you go shopping for new pieces. 

One of my favourite features would be the "My Wardrobe" section, where you can take photos of pieces in your closet and categorise them accordingly. You can put together outfits, and have a record in your pocket of what pieces you already own. 

Which is where the shopping part comes in! Complete a quiz under the section "Shopping" to determine how much time you spend in each of your outfits. My workwear is technically the same category as my everyday/socialwear. As I get to wear whatever I want to work. 

I don't wear much formal wear but I do wear a lot of casual and sleepwear. Then it's easy to find out what section I probably need to purchase more clothes in! (me personally, I probably don't need more clothes ha but I do love a shop!)

Could you use a personal stylist in your pocket? Give it a go and let me know what you think either in the comments, or send me a DM on instagram

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  1. This app sounds really cool! x

  2. Ok tbh this sounds like exactly what I need right now! haha.


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