Three Breathtaking Destinations for Your Climate Change Bucket List

4 June 2019

Creating your travel bucket list is about narrowing down the experiences you’d like to tick off over the course of your short life. That struggle is real, but the greater challenge is working out which order to do them in. Quirky indoor attractions are fun but they will always be around. 

Due to climate change, some of our planet’s most spectacular landscapes are under threat. These three locations are literally vanishing before our eyes, so make sure you put them right at the top of your list.

Image Source: Unsplash

The Dead Sea

Shrinking by approximately four feet annually, The Dead Sea is starting to seem ironically named. This century has seen the Dead Sea lose a third of its former size, as well as the appearance of sinkholes where water loss has occurred. Over the years, the building of storage reservoirs, dams and pipelines has reduced the flow of water into the Red Sea to a mere five per cent of what the inflow was initially. 

And as temperatures in the Middle East soar due to climate change, the Red Sea is less and less able to replenish itself. Experts suggest that unless the Red Sea stops shrinking at its current rate, the lake will vanish completely 2050.

The Great Barrier Reef

Remember Nemo? Well, if you want his autograph, you’d better act fast. Spanning over 14 thousand miles of Australia’s northeast coast, the Great Barrier Reef is teeming with marine life. Sadly, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the starkest examples of the effects of climate change on the world’s biodiversity. As ocean temperatures rise, coral bleaching occurs. Coral bleaching, a process in which large swathes of coral turn white, is a key indicator that the coral is dying fast as a result of climate change. 

Current estimates of coral bleaching to date have the mortality rate at 50 per cent. With only half of the reef’s precious coral still alive, and further mass bleaching events expected, now would be a really good time to visit this website and lock in a Great Barrier Reef tour.

Image Source: Pexels

The Amazon Jungle

The Amazon is one of the wildest and most beautiful natural locations on earth but it’s not exactly hard to find. As the biggest area of rainforest on the planet, the Amazon spans a whopping 40 per cent of South America. 

As its own complex ecosystem, the rainforest is home to jaguars, sloths, scarlet macaws and poisonous dart frogs among a whole host of other animals. Climate change poses a severe threat to this fragile environment, as the droughts of recent years have deprived trees and other vegetation of the moisture required to maintain the delicate balance essential for rainforest life. The last decade has seen large-scale tree dieback and a marked increase in forest fires due to the abundance of fuel from dried out and dead trees. If the Amazon is on your bucket list, pack your mosquito net and get yourself there, pronto.

Rising temperatures and rising sea levels have led to the rise of Last Chance Tourism, a sad fact of modern life. Make sure you visit these three famous destinations before you miss your chance.

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