18 Tricks To Get Amazing Lashes

27 July 2019

Are you trying to get amazing, long, fluttery lashes? With some careful care and clever makeup tricks, you can make your lashes appear fuller and longer.

  1. Use an eyelash curler before applying mascara. A bit of extra girl gives your lashes a boost that makes them appear longer. For maximum impact, warm the curler under your hairdryer for thirty seconds before using it.
  2. Apply your mascara the right way. Close your eye, and press the mascara wand against the root of the lash. Blink as you wiggle the brush through the hairs. This helps the lash pick up the product evenly, making them look full instead of clumpy.
  3. Layer on two or three coats of mascara. Stop them clumping together by combing through with a lash comb afterwards.
  4. If your bottom row of lashes is sharp, take a fine pointed liquid eyeliner and draw tiny dots between the lashes. Apply mascara, and this gives the illusion of more lashes on the bottom.
  5. Consider eyelash extensions. For a special occasion or a vacation, lash extensions will give you a fuller look without resorting to makeup tricks.
  6. Take mascara breaks. If you’re not going out, leave the mascara off for the day to let your lashes rest and breathe.
  7. Avoid rubbing your eyes. This can bend or break lashes, and if they’re already thin, this is the last thing you need.
  8. Always remove any eye makeup before bed, making sure to clean off every scrap of mascara, especially if you’ve been wearing waterproof products.
  9. Gently massage petroleum jelly through the lashes before bed to give dry lashes some moisture.
  10. Disguise pale lashes by having them died. Even without mascara, a darker shade will help them appear longer and thicker.
  11. Try layering two kinds of mascara. Two different formulas help reduce clumping, so try a layer of a light formula to get the length, then use a volumizing formula on top.
  12. For nights out, try wearing false lashes. This a great way to fake your way to full, fluttery lashes. If you haven’t tried them before, give yourself plenty of time to put them on before you need to go out.
  13. Coat both sides of your lashes with mascara. Apply a layer on top, then from underneath as normal to sweep the lash up. Mascara on both sides gives a more dramatic effect.
  14. Pamper your lashes regularly. Before bed, apply a layer of castor oil or coconut oil to give them a hit of major moisture. Wash the oil off in the morning for beautiful lashes.
  15. If you seem to be losing a lot of lashes, try taking a vitamin E supplement. The antioxidant can help reduce hair loss.
  16. Drink green tea. Green tea contains a polyphenol called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) which is known for promoting hair growth and will help your lashes grow.
  17. Avoid low-quality eye products. Poor quality ingredients may dry out the lashes and cause more shedding.
  18. For healthy lashes, you need to be in good health. Try and follow a healthy diet, and see if feeling better makes your lashes look better too.
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