Banish Your Dry, Brittle Hair For Good

17 August 2019

If you’ve got dry or brittle hair, managing it can be a challenge. Sometimes it just doesn't want to play ball! However, dry and brittle hair isn’t something that you have to accept as a part of life. There are in fact things that you can do to manage and improve on it so I have compiled a list of some tips in order for you to do just that.

Stop Washing Your Hair Every Day

We live in a culture where washing your hair every day is just something very commonly done. It wasn't too long ago however when people would only wash it once or twice a week.

It might sound a little gross and at times you may just need to wash it depending on your job or how dirty it is but it's important to allow the natural oils to build up over time and washing it too every day can really counteract this process doing your hair more harm than good.

Shampoos and other hair products tend to rid the hair of sebum, the oily substance that gives it its shiny, glossy look. Using fewer products gives the sebum time to coat your hair and protect the brittle core of each strand.

Get A Trim

Split and dry ends can make you feel like your hair is more dehydrated than it is. So make sure you get your hair looked after and trimmed so you can have healthy ends. Petersham Hair Co says that it’s a good idea to invest in your hair. It’s “the crown you never take off.” Salons can remove split ends and provide deep moisturising agents that help hair rediscover its vitality.

Wrap Dry Your Hair

Using a hairdryer is super convenient, especially if you usually wash your hair in the morning before work. The problem with this method of drying, though, is that it can overheat the hair follicles, pushing moisture out. Drying your hair every day with hot air can lead to dry and brittle hair over time - not something you want.

Wrap drying your hair by putting it in a towel is a good thing to do if you have the time. However, it’s not advisable to go to bed with wet hair. Moisture can leach into your pillow and lead to the buildup of mould.

Use Essential Oils

There's lots of research about why essential oils work for hair. People use all kinds of essential oils to make their hair sleeker and smoother, including argan oil, peppermint, and lavender. Essential oils can contain many other compounds such as oxides, ketones, phenols, esters and alcohols.

You don’t have to massage essential oils across the entire length of your hair. Many people just target their split ends, nourishing the tips.

Wear A Hat Outdoors

Just as UV light can damage your skin, it can also cause your hair to dry out and become brittle. The longer your hair, the worse the effect.

UV light rays hit your hair with high energy. You can’t use sunscreen to reflect them so the only option if you’re outside, is to wear a hat.

What if you’ve just been on holiday to a sunny place? No problem: you can repair some of the damage and prevent further deterioration using aloe vera gel.
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