Fun and Different Ways to Add Personality to Your Home

29 August 2019

Knowing how to put your stamp on a property can be tricky. You want a home that you are proud to live in and reflects a bit of you, but a the same time, you don't want it to be overwhelming and look mismatched. Getting the style you visualise in your head can be a tricky task but it's not impossible. Often less is more and that can be a great starting point when decorating your space

So let's have a look at some ways you can add a bit of fun and a dash of you into your home in a more unusual and understated way.

Gardens and Outside Space.

If you have a flair for gardening, then why not put your stamp on the garden spaces of your home? Create an area with that wow factor that will be the first thing people see when they come to your home. For something different, why not look at how your garden is contained. Look at changing fencing to boulder walls for a unique look that can adapt well to your landscaping theme.

The Exterior of Your Home.

The exterior of your house is one of the first things people see when they visit or view your home. So if you want to express yourself it is a good place to start. Use your windows and outside walls to extend the decor and feel from the inside to the outside. Think coloured rendering in white or grey for a more modern look and also to help tidy up the look of your home too. Window shutters can also help dress up windows as can hanging baskets.

Carry your look through to your front door and porch area if you have one for a complete unified look that compliments your interior decor.

The Entrance Hall.

Make a statement that represents the rest of your home here. What people see here is so important. Think clear and uncluttered when it comes to colour, accessories and furniture. Typically hallways are small areas so try to keep it light and bright. Then add in the little bit of you.

Look at flooring that really captures people's attention when they come in and becomes a focal point and a topic for conversation. Sometimes a singular yet unique piece in this space can be all that you need to capture attention and make your house pop. It's all about adding your personality and style to your space

The key to adding drama and personality to your home is to have a few carefully placed statement pieces. From dramatic fireplaces that stand out proud in the middle of the room to a feature wall that really pops in your colour scheme. you want to think carefully about what you want each room to say and then give it its voice in a unique way that fits who you are and what you want your house to say.
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  1. This came at a perfect time as I'm moving and decorating my new place :-)

    Hannah from Words & Latte


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