Online Shopping with "The Urge"

9 August 2019

I work in a brick and mortar retail space, but even I can't deny the ease of which online shopping allows you to find what you need. When you're after something very specific, no one has the time to walk in and out of a dozen stores. It can now kind of be the same when you're searching online. 

There are just so many websites to choose from. Even after you have a million tabs open, and you're browsing through every site it can still be super hard to find what you need. Not to mention all the online store you don't even know exist.

"The Urge" is a fashion search website, think google for online shopping. It makes finding exactly what you're after, a whole lot easier.

Finding your next favourite wardrobe addition has never been easier. 

One of my absolute favourite features on The Urge is all the ways you can narrow down your search. 
Filter by pieces available on Afterpay, items that are on sale or that have Free shipping to name a few.
If you haven't used Afterpay yet it's an absolute gamechanger. It's basically layby where you get to have the item straight away and can pay it off over 8 weeks.

Being able to sort your search like this is awesome! 

The Urge is perfect for special events, or just when you're trying to find that piece you have in mind but have no idea where to start!

I'm definitely bookmarking it for my next online shopping spree!
PS. There's the sneakiest little feature on The Urge, click the little "shush" emoji up in the top right hand corner of the screen if you're ever doing a bit of shopping when you maybe shouldn't be. So clever! I kind of wish every website had this feature! 

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