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2 September 2019

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Bespoke luxury kitchens can transform your home into something that is worthy of being in a glossy, professional property magazine. Nevertheless, a new kitchen does represent a significant investment, so it is important to know whether now is the time to invest. With that being said, read on to discover the key signs that your kitchen needs an upgrade.

Does your kitchen seem like a maze? This is a clear sign that now is time for a change. If everything is difficult to find, it is obvious that you have a storage issue on your hands. Modern kitchens for sale today place a large emphasis on storage and thus you could benefit from a much more practical and stylish kitchen. Are your appliances older than you are? This is another sign that remodelling may be a good idea. If your stove is a mission to turn on, it’s time to get out of the past and move into the future.

Do you feel uninspired when you go into the kitchen? If you do not enjoy cooking in the kitchen, especially if cooking is something you used to like, then it could be that the area is putting you off. You should walk into the kitchen and feel inspired and enjoy being in there. Aside from this, if it is difficult to manoeuvre around the kitchen and cook with ease, a redesign is a must. 

Professional kitchen fitters will be able to provide you with assistance on the best approach to maximise the space that you have and ensure your kitchen provides maximum functionality.

This Year’s Top Kitchen Trends

If you take a look on the Internet, you will no doubt notice that you have a huge assortment of designer kitchens to choose from. Bellriver home designs are a great source of inspiration. The colours, patterns, materials, and styles on offer are well and truly endless. To help you make up your mind, I have put together some of this year’s top kitchen trends. Discover more below.

As the year has progressed, it's becoming apparent that more and more homeowners are taking inspiration from the mid-century mod. This is not only in the kitchen but in the rest of the house as well. More and more people are looking for kitchens for sale with a nod to what is known as Nordic style – basically a modern take on the ’60s. This is all about functionality and simplicity. You should clear away all unnecessary clutter, design with light wood textures, and choose colour palettes that are predominantly white.

Another period that is also making a re-appearance is the 80’s. High gloss kitchens are exceptionally popular at present, providing a glamorous finishing touch. Team with brass accessories and mirrored backsplashes for the perfect 80’s vibe. A lot of people feel that this era was somewhat ‘plastic’ in terms of design, however, the current take on this trend removes that feel. Instead, focus on using a number of natural materials to add a touch of elegance.

Last but not least, soft, muted colour palettes are also very popular, and there is no denying that a change of colour can work wonders in the kitchen. Instead of going for a standard white kitchen, more homeowners are searching for designer kitchens in tinted whites, pale green-grey, pale blue, charcoal, and various shades of greys. Lighter wood tones are also becoming more popular, for example, white oak, whitewashed woods, and walnut. On the other hand, bold primary colours are falling out of favour.
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