Household Jobs To Do In Winter

26 September 2019

Now that the summer is officially over, it is important for us to think about the jobs we need to do in preparation for winter. When a cooler wind rolls around and harsher conditions follow, it is important for us to think about things we can do in and around the house to protect it from the elements. 

Today we are taking a look at some of the jobs you can do to keep the house clean, healthy, and tidy all winter long. 

1. Draught-proof it 

The moment that the weather changes from glorious sunshine to cold and wind, it is important for us to stop cold air rushing into the house and forcing us to crank up the thermostat. The best way to keep cold air out of the house is to use draught excluders underneath the doors and to reseal around the windows to make sure they are secure. Once you have done this you will notice that you need to turn on the heating much less often than before. 

2. Test the heating 

There is a long period of time from early spring to late summer when the heating won’t be used. It is important for you to take the time to test the heating early in the autumn to make sure it still works. If heating hasn’t been used for a while there is always a risk it will struggle to start back up, and you will want to solve this issue early before it becomes unbearably cold in the house. Test it this weekend and if there is an issue, you can easily solve it. 

3. Clear the gutters

The gutters might not be the most attractive feature on the outside of the house, but they are indeed the most useful. Gutters are used to draw water away from the foundations of the house and underground to drainage systems. They keep water away from the brickwork and keep the home from suffering from damp. To clear the gutters, you can use a gutter vacuum and a pipe cleaner to get rid of plant debris that may be blocking the escape of water from your home. 

4. Secure the home 

Do you know what criminals love? Darkness. Now we say goodbye to long days and light, we can say hello to an increased risk of burglary as robbers take advantage of the fact there is more cover. It is more important than ever in the winter to secure the house with new locks, and an alarm system and CCTV cameras will also be a huge help. 

5. Secure brickwork

It is important for us to always protect the brickwork of our homes. The brickwork is crucial to a secure home and it is the barrier between us and the outside world. If there are cracks or gaps in brickwork this can open up the home to many issues such as damp and mould, and also pests such as bugs and mice. Be sure to inspect the exterior of the house and use cement to block and secure any gaps which may be present. 
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