How a Slow Property Move Can Benefit You

17 December 2019

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Buying a fixer-upper property is a great way to get onto the property ladder. These properties are often cheaper because they are in need of some love but, in many cases, are quite easy to sort out. As long as there are no structural issues, most fixer-uppers simply need updating.

But while you might be eager to move in as soon as possible, it does pay to avoid jumping straight in with all your stuff. Instead, you should take a bit of time to fix up a few of the bigger problems before you move in.

Ceilings, Walls and Floors

Before you move everything in, you should paint the ceilings and walls and replace the flooring (if you need to). The fastest way to freshen any fixer-upper is to give every wall a coat of basic white paint and install wooden flooring. It’s a lot harder to try and replace a floor around furniture so if you can, try to do this before you move in.

On this subject, it is also a lot easier to deep clean a property before everything has been moved in. Go around the whole house hoovering and mopping the floors, treat all the drains and give the bathrooms a thorough clean too. You might also like to open up the windows, especially if the property has been empty for a while.

Don’t Move Everything At Once

Moving everything at once is a really stressful way to move house. For one thing, it means that you need to have everything ready to move at the same time! If you have to be out by a certain day, putting some non-essential things into storage units is a really good idea as this will give you a little more time to figure out where everything is going to go when you get there.

By moving things gradually, you may also realise that you don’t actually need as much stuff as you thought. Moving house is always a good opportunity to declutter - especially if you are downsizing. As you move things from property to property, if you find yourself if an item is worth the effort, it probably isn’t! 

Curate Each Room

When you are in a rush, the priority is to get everything in. But, when you move slowly, you can take more time to design your space and curate your belongings. Moving from room to room, perfecting each one and moving on, is also a good way to see how your interior design develops as you go.

When you aren’t trying to deal with everything at once, you can take your time to figure out the best way to use your new space. Experiment with moving your larger furniture - especially while your storage units are empty - and see how the room could work. Then, when you are happy with your larger items, you can begin to bring in smaller things. Too.

A slow move might incur a few extra costs but it can make the whole process a lot calmer and more enjoyable. You don’t need to be able to move everything all in one day and you probably won’t end up surrounded by boxes for weeks either.
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