Haven, Retreat Or Nook, Which Do You Prefer?

27 January 2020

It's sad to think that the modern home has lost a part of itself and most people don’t even know it. Traditional homes used to have one specific room, where the occupants and or guests could come to cool down and unwind. It was called the lounge room, but now modern homes only have a living room. 

A room called the ‘haven’ began to pop up in custom-built homes but it was usually given the informal name of the relaxation room. A retreat is a personalized room, which is yours for whatever you would like it to be. It doesn’t have to match your decor at all. A reading nook can be a part of one of your existing rooms but it does have to ‘fit in’, with it. The question is, which do you prefer?

Hiding in your haven

A haven can be an entertainment room or a relaxation room, mixed into one. A home entertainment system would be a great addition, along with a classic la-Z-y boy chair or two. It's not quite a home theater because nothing is in-built. The entertainment system can be placed anywhere in the room, so you can use the rest of the space for other things. If you want somewhere to relax, you will need to have a sofa which you don’t need to worry about too much. 

A fabric sofa made with nylon or polyester covers would be fantastic. You will also need large pillows and cushions so you can plop onto your sofa any way you want and still land in a position where you can sleep in. Consider a small coffee machine or milkshake machine, or any appliance that you can use to get yourself a fresh beverage.

Making a retreat

Retreats are larger rooms and this was often the informal name given to the traditional lounge. It was given this name because it was a place of privacy and off-limits to most guests. However, the challenge is to have a room or floor designed in such a way whereby you have the number of bedrooms you desire along with the retreat. 

You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other if you hire the right sort of builders have already had a retreat room in one of their personalized floor layouts. The ‘Archie Ray’ is one such layout, giving you 3 small bedrooms with 1 master bedroom and still having enough floor space to build a separate retreat on the opposite side. The retreat should have chaise lounge chairs, large bean bag chairs and a grandiose area rug in the middle. 

Reading space

A reading nook is simple to make. Choose a corner of a room, preferably in your bedroom or even a dining room. Somewhere where there’s not a lot of traffic, to begin with. Get yourself a nice cotton throw, a winged fabric chair, a small chest of drawers and a personal LED lamp. This creates a nice personal one-person reading space. 

If you have the floor space, create a retreat which harks back to a traditional lounge room. A haven is a smaller but equally as relaxed space. A reading nook will be your little slice of heaven in a busy house.

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