7 Reasons to Go on a Cruise For Your Next Vacation

8 February 2020

For some people, the idea of spending their holiday on a boat sounds like a living version of hell, but there’s a reason why cruise holidays are so popular and insurance for cruises is on the rise - they’re actually great. So if you’re one of the people yet to have experienced travel from a boat then don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, here are 7 reasons that may change your mind.

Cruising is social

Of all the holiday types cruising is one of the most social, offering travellers the chance to meet new people and make lifelong friends on their voyage. You’ll meet new people at your dinner table, in the lounge, at the bar or even by the pool and because cruise durations are often a little longer than traditional holidays you’ll have plenty of time to get to know one another as you make your way from destination to destination.

Cruises are easy to plan

Cruises are exceptionally easy to plan because transport and accommodation are all bundled together in one neat package. Simply book your cruise and your itinerary is sorted for you, turn up, unpack and enjoy.

Cruise ships are huge

If your concern with taking a cruise is that you’ll be bored, then think again - cruise ships, especially ocean liners, are like miniature cities, with shopping centres, swimming pools, cinemas, bars, theatres, multiple restaurants, and even golf courses! With so much to do, you’ll forget you’re on a ship.

Cruises allow you to see more than one destination

Fly to the Caribbean and the likelihood is that you’ll stay in one hotel on one island, whereas take a cruise, and you’ll visit multiple islands over the course of your trip. Most cruises stop off for a day or so at various locations throughout their journey, giving you the perfect opportunity to disembark and explore before returning to the comforts of your cabin.

Cruises come in all shapes and sizes

When people think of cruises they often jump straight to imagining huge ocean liners or the Titanic, when in fact, cruises come in all shapes and sizes. For those who don’t like the idea of the open ocean then there are much smaller, more intimate river cruises. For those looking to travel with children there are themed Disney cruises and for those looking for peace and quiet adults-only cruises offer a chance to get away and relax.

Cruises are great value for money

Because everything is bundled together in the price of a cruise they often provide great value for money, enabling travellers to experience a little bit of luxury for far less than if they were to stay in a hotel.

Cruises enable you to see the world without flying

Flying is still a common fear for many people stopping them from seeing the world and visiting new places. Cruising is a great alternative for those who dislike flying, allowing them to set sail from a port near home and to travel vast distances in comfort and style.

So, are you convinced? Where would you go for your first cruise?

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