Is Your Home Green?

4 February 2020

The majority of us like to think that we’re doing our bit for the planet. You might have researched climate change and different forms of renewable energy. You may have made some changes, like buying an electric car, walking more and taking a reusable coffee cup to work.

A lot of people have also donated money to help fight bushfires and other environmental concerns. This is all wonderful and it’s great to see people trying to do their bit but there's always more that we can do, especially at home.

At home, we often get into bad habits as we go about our day to day life. We forget to take our bags to the supermarket and have to buy more. We turn the heating up when we’ve got doors and windows open and we buy for convenience, without giving thought to the planet. 

If we all made some changes at home, we could make a very real difference. So, if you are wondering if your home is truly green, here are some of the questions that you could ask yourself?

Do You Use Renewable Energy?

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Where does the energy that you use at home come from? If you’ve just signed up to the cheapest provider in your area, without a thought to the source of the energy, now is the time to check. Many providers now offer energy from renewable sources such as wind, solar and wave, and if yours doesn’t, it might be time to switch. Even better, you could start to create your own energy with solar panel installation. There are many benefits of going solar at home. It can save you money and even earn money, as well as helping the planet.

Do You Have Double Glazing?

Old fashioned windows let cold, or hot air into our homes, as well as noise and pollution. Modern, double or triple glazed windows can reduce the need for heating and air conditioning, cutting our need to use energy at home.

Is Your House Well Insulated?

A lack of insulation can also give the outdoor elements a way into your home, or let all of your warmth out. Most of the heat from your home leaves through the roof or the walls, so loft and cavity wall insulation can make a massive difference.

Do You Have a Water Tank?

Most of us are guilty of wasting water. We take it for granted because we know that the earth carries so much of it. But, most of the water on earth isn’t suitable for drinking. In fact, only around 3% of the planet's water is safe to drink, and in many areas of the world, water is in short supply.

A water tank at home, in your garden, can catch rainwater and give you an additional source. Whether you choose to drink this water (it’s usually safe, and can be filtered or treated), wash with it, or just use it to water your plants, it’s a great way to save water.

Do You Have a Compost Unit?

If you apply fertiliser or other chemicals to your lawn, plants, or any food that you might grow, you are introducing chemicals into the atmosphere. A composting unit can be a great alternative. You’ll throw away less natural waste, and you’ll have something natural to feed your plants. Take a look at some of the things that you can compost at home for guidance.

Do You Have Good Habits?

Even if your home is playing its part, you might be letting it down with your own bad habits. Do you switch all of your appliances off when you are finished with them or do they stay on standby for hours? Do you close internal doors to keep rooms warm? Do you fill the kettle to make a drink, or only use the water that you need? Do you leave lights on when you leave rooms? Get into good habits, and you’ll use less energy.

Do You Buy Plastics?

We’re all becoming much more aware of the damage that plastic does to our planet. But, we’re still using it far too much. Think about your drawer of plastic bags, all of the plastic bottles in your bathroom, and the plastic bags that you put your lunch in. Ask yourself if there are any alternatives. Use other materials wherever you can, and reuse whatever plastic you’ve already got for as long as you can before throwing it away.

Do You Shop Mindfully?

When you shop, do you think about it carefully? Do you only buy what you need? Do you try to reduce waste? When you do need something, do you buy sustainably? Try to shop more mindfully, and your home and lifestyle will become greener.
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