Turn Your Backyard Into The Ultimate Outdoor Living Area

19 February 2020

What if you could enjoy all the comfort of your living room from your backyard? With a few upgrades, this could be made possible. Here are just a few ways to turn your backyard into the ultimate outdoor living area.

Use the right surface

If your backyard is all grass or dirt, you may want to lay down some decking or some patio paving so that you’ve got a hard, flat surface for placing furniture on. This will also stop furniture from getting muddy, plus you won’t have to worry about mowing grass around furniture. Both decking and paving slabs have their individual pros and cons – research these pros and cons to find the best surface for you. An increasingly popular option in recent years is the use of porcelain slabs for a hard surfaced area of the garden. Porcelain slabs are easy to clean and look fantastic when they catch the light, they're also easily secured using straightforward grout solutions provided by companies like Azpects, this can reduce the labor and costs associated with getting them laid down, which leaves you more money and energy to do the rest of the backyard.

Invest in high-quality furniture

Don’t settle for cheap plastic chairs and tables. An outdoor lounge suite could be a much more comfortable option and could help to give you that living room feel. Rattan is a popular material for these furniture sets. You may also want to look into Dacron foam cushions for extra comfort.

Provide shelter from the elements

It could be worth installing a canopy over your outdoor living area. This could help to offer shade from the sun and shelter from the rain. Retractable roofs are a popular option for those who have the money – these can be rolled back for when you want the benefit of the sunlight. Fabric canopies and umbrellas could be a cheaper option for those on a budget.

Pest-proof your backyard

A pest problem could stop you from being able to relax outdoors. If you get a lot of wasps, it could be worth checking for nests in the area – you may have to look into wasp nest removal. If you get lots of mosquitoes, check that there are no still water sources (adding a filter to a pond can often prevent mosquitoes from nesting). Bug traps and scented candles could also be worth considering.

Add some lighting

Outdoor lighting, such as this Hunza Lighting from Landscape Plus, will allow you to continue using your backyard even when it gets dark. There are many different types of outdoor lighting from fairy lights to flood lighting. This could be powered by your home’s mains electricity, battery-powered or solar-powered.

Consider outdoor heating

You could also consider an outdoor heating source, allowing you to continue using your backyard even when it gets cool. Electric patio heaters are one option to consider if you want to be able to easily regulate heat. Fire pits and chimineas can meanwhile add a more rustic touch and could give you the feeling of sitting around a campfire.

Consider an outdoor TV

An outdoor TV could help to complete your outdoor living space allowing you to watch movies and catch up on all your favourite shows as if you were in your living room indoors. There are special waterproof TVs that you can buy for this purpose. Such a TV could be mounted onto a wall or a fence.