Home Aesthetic Repairs That Really Make All The Difference

27 August 2020

It’s amazing how the little things can often define how put-together a home feels. We can think of the outfits we wear in the same way. Sometimes, a hat can totally transform an outfit and it might have cost nothing in comparison to the shoes or bag you’re wearing. Little things can sometimes have the most impact and that’s one of the first things any designer learns.

Why is this? Well, when you pay attention to the little details, the whole benefits as a result. That can be tremendously worthwhile to understand and is eloquently phrased in the German language by the term ‘gestalt,’ namely a naturally organized system that is more than the sum of its parts. So, how can we translate this approach to our homes, without falling into some uber-spiritual and overly verbose means of coming to practical results?

I'm happy you asked. Because it turns out it’s really rather simple to renew your home and make the repairs you need to utterly transform your space. Here’s how:

Wall Crack Repairs

Cracked wall repairs can stop a bad problem from getting worse and in the worst of circumstances, you can at least inspect the problem professionally and find a means to mitigate subsidence. Wall cracks can be hard to identify in terms of severity and stress, but one thing is for sure, identifying the issue is a specialized skill and you’re always best bringing in the best professionals to fix it. When you do, you’ll notice that this no longer becomes the focal point of a particular house, and that’s a great place to start.

The Small Details 

Homes are made up of the smallest details that are not so obvious at first. But if you look closely, they link each room and style together. These small details can include everything from artwork to curtains like ABC Blinds as well as hardware on drawers and doors. Especially details like brass or chrome. Although they might not seem immediately essential, these small details are a fantastic way to add the finishing touches to your home to improve your overall aesthetics.

Clean Windows

Simply having your windows cleaned, while not a repair, can help prevent the buildup of long-term gunk and other debris that may need clearing. Having your windows cleaned can also lead to having your window arches repaired, which can be important if they are starting to fracture, or if that seems like more of a possibility. Cleaning windows will also help more natural light get in, which can be more powerful than implementing new lights in every room of the house. All of this comes at such a cheap cost it’s almost unreal. I would heavily recommend it.

Door Frame Adjustments

One of the biggest frustrations in the household is door frame adjustments, because if they’re not right and your door sticks, it can be annoying to go through into that room. Add these mini-frustrations up over the course of a year, and you’re wasting a lot of time that a simple fix would resolve. Re-measuring your doors and where the hinges should be placed is a worthwhile place to start, and furthermore, having your doors custom-fit or placed as appropriate can help them work in favour of your frames and not against them. That’s a vital skill to learn.

With this advice, I hope you can more easily chive the home aesthetic repairs that really do make all the difference.

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