A Little Upgrade For Your Small Bathroom

10 September 2020

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels

For those who rent a house, the bathroom is often a headache. Making changes to a home that doesn't belong to your are often limited. Of course, there are some things you can do to keep both you and the owner happy.

Add colour to your bathtub!

Something as simple as new shower curtains or a colourful and funky bathmat can spruce up your space and add a little flavour to a previously dull room without the need for serious renovation and change. You always have the option of adding temporary decals to your bath for a little something different as well.

Paint the cabinets

The first step on this endeavour would be to ask permission from your landlord. Remember you have nothing to lose by simply asking them and if they accept the possibilities for improvement are only limited by your choice in colour. From here you can choose a beautiful shade that will give life and style to your space. Royal blue is a shade that gives aristocracy with one move. 

Transform your wall

If you aren't able to drastically change the colour of your bathroom walls there are plenty of other options available to you. Add some artistic flair to your space with wall hangings to suit the style and vibe you want to capture. The beauty of hanging temporary items such as these is that they are just that, temporary!

Glue a self-adhesive vinyl floor.

If your bathroom tiles are looking a little worse for ware you could opt for a self-adhesive vinyl flooring option. Again, this temporary addition allows you the freedom of choice without leaving a permanent impact on landlords property. This will allow you the freedom to really change up the vibe of your bathroom.

Add modern extras

Underfloor heating can be quite affordable and you should look at this option if you live in a colder home. Look at heated towel rails as well as a rainshower which will make the idea of bathing even more luxurious.

Vivid shades

Colour patterns on the walls and decoration with vivid shades, along with a special design, create a dynamic, energetic look. This bright and playful style is an antidote to the stresses of modern life. Think of waking up and getting ready for such a lively but minimal bathroom! Choose towels, bathrobes and mats that fit the profile and atmosphere that you're looking to achieve. 

Bathrooms are often dull and dark and may actually lack a natural light source, do not hesitate to enrich the bathroom decor with fake plants, such as plastic succulents, or dried eucalyptus branches. 

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