How to Increase the Value of Your Home with Exterior Upgrades

26 January 2021

When it comes to selling, the exterior of your home helps in determining its value. It also affects how other homes in your neighbourhood are perceived. A curb appeal is a crucial factor in visually increasing a home's appeal when you are in a competitive selling market. It influences the buyer's first impression.

If you plan to sell your property, consider the following exterior design ideas to improve its visual value and appeal.

Upgrade Your Garage

If your home has a large garage and it is at the front of your property, it has a strong positioning and will attract many potential buyers. You only need to paint it with a colour that blends in with the surrounding substrates. For example, if it is painted orange, paint it with a neutral colour. Doing so enables you to create an architectural balance and blend the garage doors with their surroundings.

Add Some Lighting

A variety of lighting options will improve the ambience of your property. Even though these lights will only be visible at night, they will still change the entire feel of your home. Add ground lights to accent high bushes and trees, soffit lights to outline the property's architecture, and porch lights to create a welcoming glow on your front door.

Remember to add some light to your home's number sign as it is vital to visitors and guests. However, the lighting should not scream like an electronic stock exchange board as that will not be very welcoming.

Enlarge Your Flower Garden

Adding coloured flowers to your garden beautifies the neighbourhood and also makes people happy. Recent research found that a property with an extended flower garden having flowers of the same colour or relatively similar flower colours looks larger.

Add a Flagstone

It is not for people who are looking for affordable ways of upgrading a home. However, investing in a dark flagstone even on your stairs or porch significantly increases the value of your home. It is a permanent solution for those individuals in a less-than-ideal climate.

A flagstone will add a heavy visual weight to the property's front door and create an illusion of permanence, which most potential property buyers value.

Upgrade Your Roof Shingles

Investing in your roof is a substantial but worthwhile expense that can dramatically enhance both the visual and functional aspects of your home. When it comes to roofing in Gravette, AR, or any other location, the market offers a plethora of options. Your choice of shingles plays an essential role in the overall aesthetic and can shift your home's appeal from mediocre to magnificent. Aim for high-quality shingles that not only look thicker but also offer a richer texture. This added dimensionality contributes to a more luxurious appearance.

If your home has a strong colour palette, it's advisable to opt for darker shingles, as they help to balance out the property's overall look by bringing a neutral feel. Darker shingles are particularly effective in complementing bold exterior paint colours, creating an architectural harmony that is pleasing to the eye.

Change Your Landscape

Look at various landscaping ideas and pick the concept that best suits your property. You can add synthetic turf to your yard or create something unique by planting different plant combinations. Also, consider changing your property's physical land by lowering or raising parts to create an eccentric look.

Utilise the power of landscaping by hiring a landscaper to give your property an exquisite look. It could be expensive, but it's worth it as your home will look more luxurious and stand out from the rest.