Things to Remember if you're Afraid of the Dentist

24 January 2021

No one likes going to the dentist. Not really. But for some people, the dentist is terrifying, and they will only go if they are experiencing serious pain and see no other alternative.

But regular visits to the dentist are an important part of your overall healthy lifestyle

What is dental phobia?

As mentioned, no one is doing cartwheels about going to the dentist. But how do you know that this is something more, a phobia? It's a recognized phobia too, known as odontophobia. If the thought of going to the dentist, or even just a hygienist makes you feel sick and anxious, then this isn’t a good sign.

People with a phobia of dentists will avoid appointments for long periods of time. Prior to appointments, if you’re feeling scared, tearful and sick about your upcoming visit, then this a full-blown phobia. 

There’s a Solution to Every Problem

Dental techniques and technology have come so far in the last decade. You might think that your smile is beyond repair, but chances are, your dentist will be able to restore them or replace them with implants. With  Digital Smile Design, you can see on screen what your smile can look like after restoration or implants. 

Dentists are used to dealing with Nervous Patients

Dentists are professionals, and they’re people too. They are trained to deal compassionately with nervous patients. Your dentist can talk to you about your dental needs in a calm and non-judgemental way. If you are extremely nervous about undergoing any treatment, then there are a number of options available, including sedatives, to make the experience easier.

If you find that your dentist isn’t particularly easy to get along with, then you can choose to visit a different one, like this Dentist in Glendale, AZ

You can choose how much Information You Want

Some people find it comforting to know exactly what is going on during a procedure. It makes them feel like they are more in control of the situation and that the reality is far less scary than what they were imagining. Other people prefer to know a lot less and just want to concentrate on getting through it while the dentist does their thing. However you prefer it, discuss it with your dentist first. 

You Can Take Someone with You

Having someone with you for support can be a huge help. They can keep you calm and distracted from your nervousness. 

Distract yourself

Listening to music is a good way to drown out the noises of everything going on around you and help you remain calm. Some dental practices have televisions playing movies mounted near the ceiling or even VR goggles. You’ll be so absorbed by this that you’ll hardly notice what the dentist is doing.
Final thoughts

Not only is visiting the dentist the best way to get, and keep a beautiful smile, but it is also important to your overall health too. There are many health issues that could potentially affect your mouth or spread to other areas.

It’s not easy to get over a phobia, but by getting the help you need and taking steps to reduce your anxiety, you can make a huge difference.

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