Getting Ready for a Dream Staycation: 10 Ideas for Homebound Adventurers

16 February 2021

Now that the vaccine is much more than just a distant mirage and some places have started to open, we can allow ourselves to start dreaming about our next vacation finally. However, things are not going to go back to normal for a while, and some restrictions will be in place until the end of the year - let alone knowing when other countries will open up their borders! However, all this should not stop you from getting the rest and relaxation you need after such a hard year.

Luckily, there is a lot you can do to enjoy your time off without having to board a plane and check in an exotic resort. Below you can find some green, affordable, and accessible ideas to make the most out of your first 2021 vacation. After all, your hometown or country is full of hidden gems waiting to be discovered!

Create a Home Retreat

If you are sceptical about getting on the road in the middle of a pandemic, you are probably not the only one. Luckily, you can reward yourself for this wise decision by turning your home into one of those retreats that you have been dreaming about. This option is ideal if you live on your own or in a fairly quiet household. However, everything you will have to do is get away from your laptop, phone, and work emails! Take your time creating the right atmosphere with candles and music.

Go Near

Independently from where you live, there are still attractions and natural beauties to see not too far from you. Whether that’s just a park, a museum, or a historic walk, make sure you have everything you need to explore the neighbourhood. This family-friendly activity is one of the safest alternatives to staying indoors, but make sure you are ready with food, drinks, snacks, and the right clothing!

Experience Van Life

If the borders of your town or city are opening up, this might be the best time to experience van life. While you don’t need to buy a van, you can rent a converted vehicle or a campervan and set off on your road trip. Either way, you might want to take out a policy with breakdown cover, such as those provided by one sure. That way in case anything happens, you won't be stranded in your van without a way to get back.

At this time, camping sites are still empty or just opening up, so it might be a great chance to explore a natural area without so many tourists. Or, if your van is completely self-sufficient, you might finally enjoy that spontaneous trip you have always dreamt of.

Take a Road Trip

If you are looking for a budget alternative to renting a van, don’t worry - you have everything you need! Get the car ready and set off! Create a precise itinerary or follow one of the best road trips routes in the area - but make sure you have informed your family about your plans.

Of course, checking Covid regulations in the area might still be necessary, so make sure you are aware of what accommodation options are available at this time.

Get Back on Your Bike

For an even greener alternative, you should opt for a cycling tour! If you already have a bike and you enjoy this type of activity, there is no better way to enjoy some time off while also keeping fit and active. If you are thinking about a multi-day trip, make sure you have a partner with you, and you have studied your route! However, it can be a great occasion to strengthen that bond you have with your other half, siblings, or old friends.

Take a Hike

Cycling might not be the perfect activity for everybody, but there are several options that might be more suitable if you love nature and the outdoors. One of the best activities is hiking - and can also be a family-friendly option! If you love hiking when you are on holiday abroad, you will enjoy it, even more, when you can explore a spot not too far from your home.

If you decide on a longer hike, make sure you have planned your route, and you are ready with all the essentials you need for a safe and enjoyable day.

Have the Perfect Beach Day

If you live near the beach, you should make the most out of it and plan the perfect beach day. While social distancing rules will be in place for a while, beaches will start to reopen over the next few months. So, you can start planning for a relaxing day under the sun. Just make sure you are ready with snacks, drinks, a cooler, visor hats, a speaker, and a beach ball!

Invest in a Garden Transformation

If you are happy to spend your free time at home, make sure you are ready for it! You can start by turning your outside area or garden into the perfect at-home cinema - and, on a budget! All you will need are the comfortable seats, a projector, and a white wall or canvas to project the movie. Make sure you ask your neighbours if it is okay for you to watch a movie outdoors, or compromise on a day when they are not at home!

Have an At-Home Spa Day

We all miss going to the spa and spending the day looking after body and mind. However, businesses like spas and retreats might be among the last ones to reopen. In the meanwhile, make sure you find some relaxing time at home. While it might have been unnecessary to buy some beauty products before, now that your spa expenses are limited, you might finally decide to upgrade your beauty kit and turn your bathroom into the perfect spa room. Make sure you add essential oils and candles to complete the atmosphere!

Put To Use Your DIY Skills

After all these months indoors, it is easy to start having itchy feet. However, with the restrictions in place, you might have to wait for a few months. In the meanwhile, you should consider putting your energy into a new project or hobby that can fulfil your free time. Whether you love gardening, creating pottery, painting, or turning mason jars into terrariums, this is the perfect time to take on a new activity. You can pretend to be at a masterclass!

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