My Resolutions for 2021

5 February 2021 Newcastle NSW, Australia

There seems to be a bit of a negative connotation surrounding the term "New Years Resolution" now, where people explain how they're just vague and sometimes giant goals we set for the year but have no intention of sticking to. That we shouldn't see the new year as a fresh start, and looking back at our goals at the year's end will only lead to disappointment. 
That's quite a miserable way to look at goal setting and not one that I would like to partake in. I myself think that I set quite reasonable resolutions, with attainable goals. I like to check back in during the year to see how I'm going, and again at the end to see if any have become quite laughable. 

By some absurd coincidence, I didn't write a Resolution Blog Post for 2020 - and well that happened. 
But here we are back again. On my mostly abandoned blog, ready to set some goals for 2021. 

Not that I pay too much attention to anyone else, but I feel as though (more than others) I go through phases. Wildly exaggerated phases. I become obsessed with something, it might be for a week or maybe a month. I'll be utterly obsessed with it and then I'll exhaust myself and won't really entertain that particular thing for a long while. 
I genuinely hate that I do this. Honestly, it's exhausting. I assume it stems from some inane attempt to "have it all". 

For example, was it 2019? I wanted to read 20 books. I actually am a very fast reader, and I love to read. I do not like putting aside time to read, or giving up my other hobbies to read. Nevertheless, I read 16 books in a month and a half, bought myself a kindle and then never read again. Well, that's a slight exaggeration, I've read a few books since then but you see my point. I swapped nearly every single hobby and pastime I had with reading, and then wondered why I couldn't keep it up. 

I'm getting off-topic - here are my goals for 2021.

Go Vegan

I started the year with Veganuary. It went very well thanks for asking. I became a vegetarian back in 2017 when I made it one of my resolutions for the year. (See I'm very stubborn) I'm not the kind to have an occasional slip up either, meat was never for me and I'm definitely not going back. 
I already eat vegan butter and drink soy milk. This was the obvious next step. I'm not going to rave on about my vegan journey here, I'll save that for another blog post. But I've started, now I just need to stick it out. 

Shop Mindfully

My love for Marie Kondo is neverending and when she told me to only surround myself with items that spark joy, well I really felt that. Sometimes I need a little reminder, a slap-up the side of the head one might say. Think carefully about the pieces you will buy. Buy less and buy higher quality. Items that will be with you for more than one season. In turn, I will spend less, and only bring the best and most joy-sparking items into my home. 

Plan Our Wedding

We're engaged! Did you know? How exciting. Also, did you know that weddings are a lot of effort, stressful and expensive? I did know that, and that's why in the past I said I wanted to elope and invite no one to the wedding. Well, I have been persuaded by Josh into a wedding, albeit a small one. 
We're still in the process of picking out a venue, and I have not been having much luck! I'm very good at pinpointing exactly what I don't want and having no idea what it is that I do. 
It's looking like an Autumn wedding in 2022. Stay tuned. 

Buy Our First Home

Josh and I looked at each other this year and said, let's do the most expensive things we can think of this year, and here we are. Ideally, we'd love to be browsing for our first home together at some point this year. But if it doesn't happen we will survive, we will move on and try again next year. 
I am very excited to own our first home though! 

Become My Most Authentic Self

Not really in theme with the other goals, but something I have thought a bit about. Some of my prominent personality traits are that I'm agreeable and specifically anti-argumentative. I'm still working on speaking up for myself in situations, and generally will only do that if there's no other option. 
Things I need to work on: Am I being agreeable because I genuinely don't mind, or am I afraid of upsetting people with my own opinion? 

I suppose that's enough goals for now. I'll check in again midway through the year. (If I remember)

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