Clever Ways To Stay Productive Working From Home

18 March 2021

With numerous distractions at your disposal, working from home is never an easy task. If you're lucky to be productive this week, you struggle to meet deadlines on the next one.

Although maintaining a consistent work rate at home is challenging, it is not an entirely impossible task. Through these smart but effective ways, you can ensure you remain productive not for one or two weeks but for the entire period you're working from your house.

Create a Working Area

Without a proper working area, efficiently getting work done is a problem. Apart from improving your health status, a sufficient working space is crucial to your creativity, and you're able to stay focused for long hours.

Choose a spot in your home where you feel most comfortable but also has the necessary conditions to keep you active like:


While it is difficult to lock yourself up from the world all day, especially if you have kids, you need a few hours of peace to concentrate on work fully.

Whether it's the living room, kitchen, or bedroom, the right working area should be private and secluded from the world.

If your office nears distractions from outside, a window film installation service will help you put up thin films on your windows that give you the privacy you need when working.

Enough Space

The right amount of space should accommodate you and the tools you need to get your job done correctly. If your area of expertise demands periods of deep thinking, ensure you have enough room to move around while brainstorming for ideas.

A desk and chair should also be part of your cute and productive workspace as they help keep you comfortable during the long days.

Allow Lighting

When you constantly work in dark and cramped up spaces, you quickly get tired and lack the motivation to work. Besides transforming your working area into a beautiful space, sufficient lighting creates perfect working conditions.


Empty office walls are often boring and monotonous to stare at all day. When you feel this way, it is hard to complete the day's tasks.

Displaying art or placing wallpapers on your walls helps inspire a creative look and improves your space's aesthetic beauty.

Set a Routine

While you may be a disciplined person in life, the comfort of working from home can cause you to break your rules. Perhaps you usually wake up early when attending work, but you oversleep since you now operate from your house.

Although you're free to do as you please while inside your house, having a routine helps you stay productive.

From the moment you wake up to the time you sleep at night, a schedule will help you to breakdown and organise your day effectively and minimize any time wastage.

The secret to developing the best routine is:

Being Time Conscious

If you want your routine to become an easy-to-do thing, you must adhere to the law of time. Have specific timing for waking up, working, and going to bed; stick to this schedule for at least 21 days to make it your culture fully.
Laying out a Plan

The most successful routines don't happen by chance; they result from intense hours of planning. If you want to meet strict job deadlines in time, have a plan to tackle each task to completion.

Set weekly or monthly plans of the activities you must accomplish and allocate enough time for these tasks.

Track Your Progress

The right routine always bears fruit. Your objective should guide you on the best routine to come up with, and you can use it to track the progress over time.

If you find that a particular schedule is not working or has loopholes, don't be afraid to change your approach. Regularly replace ineffective habits with new ones until you settle on the best for you.

Schedule Breaks

When you're in the right mood and have the necessary motivation, it is tempting to get lost in work and lose track of time.

While you may get things done in the short term, this behaviour is detrimental to your health and productivity going forward. Working for long hours without a break causes stress and mental and physical fatigue.

Instead, plan for a 10-20 minutes break after every few hours of working and use this time to take your head off work and relax

Working from your house looks like the new way of performing your duties. If you struggle with the idea of working from home and constantly find it hard to get anything done when there, use these tips to help you successfully stay productive in the entirety of your stay.

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