Developing A Sense Of 'Home Confidence'

6 March 2021

There are many reasons why we design the interior of our homes and add or subtract to or from it over the years. We might wish for it to look nicer, or enjoy inviting people around (when that’s more feasible), or simply enjoy applying our creative talents to something. Of course, you need not have only one reason, you’re more likely motivated by many that are important to you.

Perhaps the most pressing reason that we all share is that after a while, our homes become an extension of who we are, our personalities even. That means, just like it’s important to curate confidence and put ourselves out there in life, it’s important to care for our home and become more confident in our design decisions. But how can we develop a sense of ‘home confidence’ without feeling like we have to spend on the most outlandish or expensive designs? Well, we need not be garish in order to find something we’re happy with. In this post, we’ll discuss why that is, and how we can achieve this process:

Home Maintenance

Home maintenance can be tremendously helpful. It allows us to focus on keeping our homes in tight condition without having to worry about what to do in emergency situations. For instance, emergency air conditioning repair can often leave us feeling more secure knowing that even when entertaining in the heat of summer, our homes need not make us suffer from overheating for too long. Having your windows cleaned, your trees checked after winter (for rot), and more, can really help. Imagine trying to invite friends or family to stay in a pest-infested home. You'd not only be embarrassed, but you probably wouldn't want to invite them in the first place. Whilst outdoor wildlife is beautiful, you don't want them indoors. If you have rodents or bats making your home their home, you need to find coppell wildlife removal services (or similar services near you) as soon as possible. They'll be able to remove the unwelcome guests, allowing you to feel much more confident inviting your own guests to stay.

Personality & Fun

It’s good to have fun with your property. It’s good to let your home speak to your personality. It’s good to have quirky and strange additions that you or your family find appealing. This might mean investing in artwork you love that others might not ‘get’, using your walls as a great place to show your music taste, or perhaps investing in furniture, like a truly comfortable rocking chair for reading, that speaks to who you are and what you enjoy doing. Don’t be afraid of getting a little ‘out there.’ It really does help you feel as though your space is yours, to do what you will.

Function & Form

Function and form is a pretty worthwhile balance to make. For instance, it might be that you’re in love with a certain living room chair, but if it’s hard to sit on it without feeling as though you’re going to fall off its well-designed yet impractical layout, is it worth taking up space in your living room? Or could it serve as a nice visual piece in your conservatory? Just as seeing what clothing is more appropriate for us to wear at the right time, your home can be improved by a discerning sense of what’s right for it.