This Is How To Supercharge Your Next Workout

17 June 2021

Want to go harder and faster in your next workout? Keep reading to find out how!

Put together an inspirational playlist

Whatever fitness activity you choose, having some inspirational music playing is going to help you push that little bit harder. In particular, EDM music with a high RMP has found to be useful here, as it's designed to get us amped up and wanting to push forward. Additionally, cranking up your playlist is a great way to drown out gym anxiety, as it can help you focus.

Of course, EDM may not be everyone's cup of tea, and there are plenty of other options to consider. Indeed, you can find suggestions for all sorts of workout playlists from a range of music genres including indie, pop, rock, and Bollywood online.

Prioritise recovery

Next, if you want to supercharge your next workout you need to prioritise your recovery. Now, this may seem a bit confusing because if you are recovering you won't be working out, right? Well, recovery should be active for the best results, which means switching from high-intensity activities to lower ones like yoga, stretching, swimming, or walking on your recovery days. Lower intensity activities will allow your muscles to rest, but also help keep your blood flowing for optimum recovery.

Other techniques can help promote recovery too, such as rolling, massage, and Epsom salts baths. Some people even choose to take protein concentrate on recovery days, as the additional nutrients it contains can help torn muscle fibres repair and strengthen. Something that means they can continue to push hard on their more active days.

Cut down on rest times

We've discussed recovery, but what about rest? Rest is defined as the breaks you take between each set or interval of a workout. However, if you are looking to supercharge your workout, you don't want to include too much rest time.

Instead, opt for shorter rest times as they help to encourage the release of hormones the body needs to build strength. Oh, and the added benefit is that with shorter rests you can be done at the gym in much less time too.

Workout in the AM

Another smart way to supercharge your workout is to move it from the evening to early in the morning. The early morning is such a great time to work out because it allows you much better focus, as you won't have social media pinging on your phone, or the day's events to digest.

Another great thing about working out in the early morning is that you get the facilities all to yourself. This is great news if you are fed up with swimming behind a slowpoke at the pool, or waiting for the most popular piece of equipment at your gym. In essence, when you work out in the early morning, you provide yourself with a much better chance of pushing harder and faster, because there are no distractions.

Plan your workout

Finally, if you want to supercharge your workout it can help to plan out what you will do in every session. Indeed, there are several benefits to planning out your routine beforehand. The first is that it takes the choice and uncertainty out of choosing the appropriate workout, something that means you can use your mental resources to focus on getting on with your workout and pushing harder.

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