4 Steps to Making Your Home More Spiritual

21 July 2021

Embracing spirituality in your home is not just about turning one space into meditation central. Even if you think your bedroom could do with a makeover, if you really want to introduce a feeling of nourishment in yourself, you've got to make every part of your home as spiritually comfortable as possible. When our homes are overpopulated and cluttered, what are the things that we can do to start serenity in our homestead?

Every Item Should Have Its Place

This is about embracing the idea of minimalism. If you invest in items that don't add to the space, this will not add to the quality of your life. If you want to be more spiritual, you may think of a more obvious implement, like a Buddha statue but there are plenty of things you can choose from. If you are looking to be more religious, you could incorporate a small altar

However, you don't need to incorporate a very stereotypical one; it just needs to be somewhere to help you focus when you want to relax. For example, the space can have a crystal or two, special pebbles, or even a family photo with a scented candle that can help you focus your mind on the important things.

What Brings Good Energy Into the Home?

If you want to brighten up and lift your mood, you have to think about colours, senses, and what can lift the space. House plants are a simple way to lift your vibes. They clean the air, and produce oxygen, so as long as you can look after them, you can bring in as many as possible. 

Many houseplants need moisture, so be aware of this, and perhaps turn your bathroom into a greener location. Additionally, colours will lift your mood, and choose the right types for your leaves. If you want to stay calm at home, colours like blue will be perfect. 

You should also think about painting walls in different colours. You don't want to go completely over the top with this, but if you need to lift a room’s spirit, don’t be afraid of painting it a different colour.

Understand the Basic Feng Shui Principles

The three most important locations according to the Feng Shui principles are the entrance and hallway, master bedroom, and kitchen. And operating with the principles for these three spaces will make a big difference to the abundance of positive energy in your home. 

For example, the master bedroom is the place where you replenish your spirit, so it needs to be as calm as possible. This means removing gadgets and changing the bedsheets on a semi-regular basis. To take it a step further, you could even explore master bedroom oasis ideas to rejuvenate your area and create a tranquil space.

Declutter Regularly

A very simple thing, but makes a massive difference. Decluttering is not just a great way to give your home some order, but it helps you feel better, and when you start to embrace spirituality, you will automatically begin to remove the things from your life that do not matter anymore. When you start to declutter, you are ridding yourself of things that give you negative energy or don't help anymore.