5 Ideas To Keep Fit On Holiday

23 August 2021


Holidays are the best time of year whether you’re heading on a staycation or jetting off overseas. You’ll want to relax while you’re traveling, but sometimes a lack of exercise can leave us feeling sluggish. To stay fit and healthy while you’re on holiday check out these simple ideas.

1 . Set Easy Goals

Let’s face it, when you're on holiday you’re not going to be doing a rigorous workout at the gym every single day! Even if your hotel does have a gym, chances are you’ll want some time to relax. If you’re keen to still get your exercise fix, try setting yourself some easy goals. Here are a few ideas to get you started:
  • Go for a run at least twice a week.
  • Do a fifteen-minute yoga session on the beach.
  • Practice the 7-minute workout app in your hotel room.

2. Choose The Right Activities

If you want to keep fit while on holiday, you’ve got to choose all the right activities. Plan fun things that will also give you a great workout. It doesn’t have to be complicated, plenty of activities are great to keep fit. You might like to take a bicycle tour, or spend the day exploring museums? There might be a few holiday sports activities you can try whether it’s SUP paddling boarding or tennis? When you plan lots of exercise activities it’s easy to keep fit while you’re away.

3. Consider An Active Holiday

When you’re choosing your holiday you might consider choosing an active trip. Caravan holidays tend to be a great place to get some exercise. Caravan and camping sites often have plenty of great sports and watersports activities you can try. When you take a camping or caravan holiday there are lots of chances to explore the great outdoors. It’s simple to rent a caravan, but if you’re looking to buy you’ll want to contact a caravan dealer.

4. Plenty Of Swimming

Holidays are the perfect time to do lots of swimming whether it’s in the pool or at the beach. Swimming is a great activity to keep fit, boost endorphins and tone your muscles. Turn your swimming sessions into a workout, or take your time and relax. Either way, you’ll be having plenty of fun while keeping fit. Swimming is the best way to get a full body workout.

5. Hiking Trips

Hiking trips are a great way to keep super fit on holiday. If you’d like some inspiration try the All Trails app. The app can help you to find plenty of beautiful hiking destinations across a wide variety of different locations. You can filter these by difficulty level or choose special trails for biking. You can use the app to plan your trip and find the perfect hike for you.

Using these five simple ideas you’ll make sure that you keep fit while you're away. Getting enough exercise is the key to a healthy body and mind.

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