Tips To Gaining A Hollywood Smile

28 September 2021

The Hollywood smile makes more than one dream. Having beautiful and healthy teeth begins with rigorous daily oral hygiene. At the local level, taking care of your teeth is essential to minimize the occurrence of oral pathologies. 

The most common of all: tooth decay. But this is not inevitable. To prevent its occurrence, nothing better than careful oral hygiene, a sufficient intake of fluorides, a diet not too rich in sugar and regular professional checks. You should always look at getting tips from the pros. You should get deep cleans and treatments recommended by this cosmetic dentist.


  • Choose a soft toothbrush (manual or mechanical).
  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Two to three minutes each time, the important thing being especially to be spent everywhere. At noon, rinsing the mouth with clear water or chewing gum bearing the “sympadent” logo can replace brushing.
  • Operate small rotational movements (gum-tooth) and forbid horizontal brushing.
  • Always make the same route in the mouth so as not to forget any teeth.
  • Brush all sides of the tooth without forgetting the interdental spaces.
The purpose of brushing is to remove dental plaque. Plaque is the build-up of bacteria. Tartar is plaque that has mineralized under the action of saliva. We will not forget to brush our tongue, to create neutral breath. How often should you brush your teeth? 

Brushing your teeth twice a day is a good compromise as long as the brushing is done well and effectively. Better indeed one or two good brushings than three sloppy ones. If there is one that should not be forgotten, it is certainly the evening one. Because at night, self-cleaning of the mouth, under the action of chewing and saliva, is no longer guaranteed.

Which toothbrush?

The toothbrush must be flexible, so as not to damage the gums and to spare the teeth in the long term. The choice between a manual or mechanical brush is very individual. It depends on the skill and preferences of each. 

A less abrasive toothpaste is recommended in the event of wear on the collar, where the enamel meets the root. However, to control the abrasiveness of the toothpaste, care must be taken to non-aggressive brushing so as not to further damage the fragile areas.


The fluoride contained in toothpastes protects against cavities. To enhance prevention, fluoride mouthwash can be used once a day. There are also fluoride gels, more concentrated than toothpaste, to be applied to the teeth once a week. If necessary, this application may be more frequent.


Diet plays a key role in prevention and adds to your aesthetic. The acidity contained in certain foods (citrus fruits, sodas, fruit juices, etc.) and sugar of course are the main enemies of the teeth. The more sugar you give bacteria, the more acid they produce. 

However, the acid accelerates the wear of the teeth. In other words, it is the door open to cavities. The frequency of sugary snacks is also very important. If sugar is consumed frequently, the natural defense processes of saliva do not have time to take place. We are all the more vulnerable to acid attacks on tooth enamel.

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