How To: Make Your Home Decor More Fun

29 January 2022

There’s nothing wrong with having stylish and sophisticated decor, but sometimes it can leave your home feeling a little bit on the boring side.

If you’ve looked around your house and you are pretty happy with it, but you feel like it is missing the fun factor, here are some little things you can do to bring the fun in and make the space truly reflect who you are:

Hang a Neon Sign

Neon signs always involve feelings of fun times partying with friends, so a really easy way to make rooms like the kitchen feel a bit more fun and quirky is to hang one of these cute neon signs. They're particularly good for switching on when you’re entertaining to transform a normal space into a party space, but they're great in the bedroom or living room or anywhere you want to bring the fun, too.

Pop Art Prints

Pop art prints, are bright, vibrant and eye-catching, If you want to add the fun factor to any room in your home, hanging as a pop art print, whether it be a print of your favourite celebrity, or a much-loved family member or pet, will give you that bold, brash style that screams fun times will be had here.

Use Colour Pops

Adding pops of bold, bright colour in unexpected places is another greatest way to make your home decor seem more fun. For example, you could paint your bath yellow with enamel paint, which would put it in stark contrast with the grey tiles or you could paint your outdoor decking bring pink instead of the usual boring brown shades. You could also choose primary coloured light shades or place rainbow coloured candles on bedside tables - the options are endless, but the colours will always add the fun.

Use Unexpected Shapes

From chairs shaped like hands to rugs that look like a pineapple, using unexpected shapes is another good way of adding a playful tone to each and every room in your home. Of course, if you want it to really work well, keep the unexpected shapes to one or two per room so that they draw the eye and make your guests do a double-take Contrast is key.

Choose Period Pieces

From old-style phones with the round dials to Formica record tables that scream the 60s, playing around with period pieces that contrast with the rest of your home is another good way to bring the fun in. This is particularly good if you have a period home but modern decor; just sneak in a few little nods to the home’s history and it will look amazing.
If fun decor is your thing, these ideas cannot fail to please!